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Suzuki Jimny Poses As A Brabus Baby G-Class In Dubai

The Suzuki Jimny is no stranger to modifications and one of the most popular builds of the auto is the Baby G-Class build. Recently, another one of these was spotted in Dubai, which is currently on sale by Al Ain Class Motors. It’s A Brabus G800 Rip-Off This particular Jimny does not just shamelessly copy the G-Wagen, it also benefits from a Brabus-inspired body kit. The vehicle even has the “B” logo on its Panamericana-designed front grille, “Brabus” brandings all over, and an “800” badge as a callback to the Brabus G800 tuning package. Whether or not this is a genuine body kit sourced from the famous German tuner is… Continue Reading »


Baby G-Class SUVs Based On The Jimny Grace The Tokyo Motor Show

One of the highlights of the 2023 Tokyo Auto Salon is the different flavors of the Suzuki Jimny. Among the favorites are the ones disguised as the Baby G-Class. Damd, a popular tuner in the Land of the Rising Sun, brought a triplet of the Jimnys to the event that was transformed into the tiny variants of the famed G-Class. The trio consisted of the Traditional, Aventura, and Advanced versions modeled off from the Japanese-spec Jimny Sierra. All these vehicles featuring an impressive Baby G-Class conversion were initially released in 2019. They are highlighted by their new body kits replicating the different generations of the iconic G-Wagens over the years…. Continue Reading »


The Black Bison Suzuki Jimny Can Easily Pass as a Baby G-Class

For $131,750, people can already buy the 2021 Mercedes-Benz G 550. For those with a very limited budget though, the Suzuki Jimny with mods presents a much cheaper alternative. The Jimny has been on the receiving end of a forbidden technique from modders over the years, which turn the little SUV into a Baby G-Class. Just last year, Supercar Blondie placed the Brabus G-Class and Jimny with a copy of the same body kit found in the Merc side by side, and the resemblance of their exteriors was just uncanny. Recently, Wald International took a bite of this forbidden fruit again to produce the Black Bison Jimny with the blings… Continue Reading »


Supercar Blondie Reviews a Fake Brabus G-Class Based on Suzuki Jimny

Even in its factory-fresh form, it’s very obvious that the current Suzuki Jimny takes heavy inspiration from the Mercedes-Benz G-Class. Over the years, some owners of the mini-SUV have turned their auto into a full-knockoff, baby version of the G-Wagen. We have seen the Jimny copy even the Mercedes-AMG G 63 minus the performance boost in the past. Lately, another owner of the compact SUV in Dubai went on great lengths to transform the Jimny into a baby Brabus G-Wagon. It should be noted that Brabus only works with Mercedes vehicles. So from here on, it should be established that the customized Suzuki Jimny bearing the German tuner’s logos is… Continue Reading »


Here is an Alternative Baby G-Wagen

Prior to the big reveal of the Mercedes-Benz GLB concept, the sport utility vehicle was suspected to be in line with the design of the Mercedes-Benz G-Class. Hence, it was dubbed as the “Baby G-Wagen” earlier. However, its maker took a different turn during the development phase of the vehicle, and it became a three-row compact SUV with off-road potentials. On the other side of the coin, the Suzuki Jimny has always been referred to as miniature version of the G-Class. So, for those who are looking to get a Baby G-Wagen, a tuning company in China has come up with a conversion kit that puts the look of the… Continue Reading »


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