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[F1] Mercedes-Benz DTM Driver Juncadella Tests for Williams

The Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 team may be banned from the Formula 1 Young Driver Test at Silverstone, but at least Mercedes-Benz DTM driver and junior team member Daniel Juncadella is getting some action. The 22-year-old Spanish driver managed to complete 55 laps during the first day, with a lap time that’s good for fifth-best among all participants. The best lap time on Wednesday belonged to Kevin Magnussen of McLaren, and he also ran the most laps at 100. Juncadella was also tasked to take over Pastor Maldonado’s afternoon run for the second day. The extension is obviously a welcome opportunity for the young motorsport prospect, and the former Formula… Continue Reading »


Lewis Hamilton Begs Nicole Scherzinger To Quit X Factor

Despite the huge paycheck of being a Formula 1 racer, not to mention all the perks included in being one, the job can be emotionally taxing. Behind the flair of the spotlight and adrenaline rush brought about by revving engines plus high speed action, some drivers sacrifice a lot of time away from their families, friends or lovers. That is the reason why recent rumors floating in the Internet say that Lewis Hamilton is begging his girlfriend, Nicole Scherzinger, to quit her job in X Factor so they can spend more time together. News from the UK-based publication called Metro said that Hamilton is worried that her work would keep them… Continue Reading »


Michael Schumacher Goes Through Nürburgring On A Mercedes AMG F1 Car

On May 19, the Nürburgring Nordschleife will see Michael Schumacher using an AMG F1 W02 car of Mercedes running through it. It comes after the 2007 lap of Nick Heidfeld. Hedidfeld used a BMW Sauber in Nordschleife, which was removed from the Formula 1 racing calendar after the crash of Niki Lauda in 1976. The renowned Formula 1 driver will go through the track on the 19th of May, prior to the twenty-four hour race in Nürburgring. Schumacher indicated that it was his way of showing his gratitude for the support German fans gave during his career, and it will commemorate the first run of a modern model of the… Continue Reading »


Hamilton Is Confident That His Team Can Beat Red Bull

In the latest interview of Lewis Hamilton following his success in Sepang, the former Formula 1 champion said that he is confident that his team can beat Red Bull. He stated that they are the second best team so far in the competition. He also added that at some point, he found himself head-to-head with Red Bull, which he said felt great. He said that the parts which held him back were the times when he had to save fuel. The young Briton pointed out that he had to do it during the 25th lap. If they could work on the fuel issue, he commented that his team could win… Continue Reading »


Awesome Back-To-Back Performances Delivered By Mercedes Over The Weekend

24 hours after Lewis Hamilton delivers a great performance with his car, Nico Rosberg follows with his own impressive driving. The amazing show brought by the two young drivers gave team Mercedes-Benz an awesome back-to-back performance over the weekend in the Catalunya racetrack in Montmelo, Spain. As Hamilton scored 1 minute and 20.558 seconds during his rounds during Saturday, Rosberg was able to clock in 1 minute and 20.130 seconds on Sunday. This definitely lifted the spirits of the people in the team to a new level. However, Rosberg pointed out that the race in Melbourne on March and in Sepang where the Malaysian Grand Prix will be held are… Continue Reading »


F1: Hamilton Tops Day 3 in Laps and Best Time

Lewis Hamilton had good pace on his F1 Wo4 during his last day of preseason tests at the Circuit de Catalunya in Barcelona. He managed to top the best times of Day 3 with 1:20.558, and he also had a day-leading 117 laps for the Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 team. “It was great to have a dry track today for my final day of testing, and we were able to get through all the test items that we wanted to achieve by the end of my programme,” said Hamilton. He added that there’s still plenty of work ahead for the team, but so far, they’ve all been “doing a great… Continue Reading »


Hill Says Hamilton Won’t Be In The Title Scene This Year

According to Metro, the former champ Damon Hill thinks that Lewis Hamilton might not make it for the title this year. Although he is confident with the skills of the young driver, the organisation of the team and the equipments they are using might come into question. Even Hamilton admitted in previous interviews that the car lacks the necessary downforce that will provide it leverage during the races. The 1996 champion added that Mercedes team still has to work their way out through McLaren, Red Bull, Ferrari and even Lotus. However, Hill says that the implementation of the new regulations in 2014 might serve to the team’s advantage. Despite the… Continue Reading »


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