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Lewis Hamilton Reacts To The Wolffs’ Issue With The FIA

Lewis Hamilton, being vocal as usual to any issue regarding the sport he’s in especially when involving his team, just let out his thoughts on the recent controversy hounding the Wolff power couple and FIA. For the seven-time champion, the F1 governing body’s action against Toto and Susie Wolff was deemed “unacceptable.” FIA Vs Wolff Fiasco Previously, the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) launched an investigation centered on the suspected conflict of interest between Toto and Susie Wolff. Reports said the probe stemmed from the alleged sharing of information by the couple with each other involving crucial data only they had access to in their posts as Mercedes F1 team… Continue Reading »


Mercedes F1 Boss Toto Wolff In Trouble With The FIA

The governing body of Formula 1, the International Automobile Federation (FIA), recently launched a probe for Mercedes F1 Principal and CEO Toto Wolff and his wife, Susie Wolff. The subject of the investigation centers on an alleged conflict of interest between the couple. According to the Associated Press, the FIA’s decision to push through with the inquiry was due to complaints received from F1 teams. No names were mentioned in the announcement of the association but all nine teams have denied involvement in the cited protest. The FIA said there were concerns that the Wolff couple had access to information normally not shared on the official channels of the F1… Continue Reading »


FIA’s “Role Model” Statement Regarding The Lewis Hamilton Qatar GP Incident Creates Controversy

The FIA’s recent scrutiny of the actions of Lewis Hamilton during the 2023 Qatar Grand Prix has sparked debate and confusion within the motorsport community. In this article, we delve into the controversial statement made by the FIA, particularly its “role model” ruling, and the implications it holds for Formula 1 drivers. FIA’s Second Look on Lewis Hamilton Incident at the Qatar GP During the Qatar Grand Prix, the actions of Mercedes F1’s Lewis Hamilton raised eyebrows when he crossed a live track while the race was under the Safety Car due to a collision with his teammate George Russell. He received a €50,000 fine, with half of it suspended,… Continue Reading »


Wicked Photos of the Mercedes-AMG GT3 Emerge Online

Earlier, a teaser image displaying just the front of the Mercedes-AMG GT3 was shown to us. A couple of hours ago, more photos showing the various angles of the car were officially released. The pictures of the Mercedes-AMG GT3 were captured at the Estoril circuit in Portugal. The supercar showed a wider body than the standard AMG GT variant. It also featured major aerodynamic enhancements like larger intakes, redesigned front bumper, and massive rear wing. FIA GT3 specs were incorporated in the car too like racing steering wheel, pedals, radio system, extra push buttons and knobs, sports carbon fiber shell seat, plus a protective roll cage. Then, carbon fiber materials… Continue Reading »


Will the FRIC Ban Affect the Momentum of Mercedes

Last Tuesday, sources within the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) leaked the letter that was sent to all the Formula One teams concerning the ban on the use of Front and Rear Interconnected Suspension or FRIC. According to the letter, the installation of the said system is in violation of Article 3.15 of F1’s technical regulations. This particular provision declares the use of moveable aerodynamic devices, other than the driver adjustable bodywork, as illegal. In the letter penned by Charlie Whitting, the race director of FIA, anyone caught to be in violation of the FRIC ban would risk exclusion in the race results. Thus, strict compliance is required from every team. The only… Continue Reading »


Megaphone Exhaust of Mercedes Did Not Work

  Formula One fans were excited after Mercedes announced it may have the solution that will address the lack of noise of its race cars, especially when it tweeted that it is already for testing. The formula was in the form of a megaphone exhaust that will apparently amplify the tailpipe noise of the racing vehicles. However, just a few minutes ago, Nico Rosberg revealed that the trumpet-like exhaust just did not work. The German was the one who drove the car carrying the megaphone exhaust concept of Mercedes. According to Rosberg in his interview with BBC, the add-on failed to produce the desired results, so they will have to explore other alternatives…. Continue Reading »


A Look At The W05 Engine

Since the new engine regulations came into play, the F1 team of Mercedes AMG Petronas has been on a roll. So far, it has dominated the first three races of the 2014 Formula One season. Notably, Nico Rosberg dominated the Australian Grand Prix at the kickoff race of the season, and the rest were one-two victories for Mercedes wherein Lewis Hamilton came in first followed by Rosberg. Aside from the skillful drivers of the team and the masterful design of its car, its renewed vigor in F1 can be attributed to the W05 engine. The introduction of new rules in F1 forced teams to do a major reengineering of their… Continue Reading »


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