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5 Essential Tools for Restoring an Old Mercedes

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as reaping the rewards of a long project, so cruising around in an old Mercedes you’ve restored yourself is a feeling that can’t be beaten. If you think this might be a hobby for you, here’s some kit that you’ll want before you get started in earnest. 1. Air Compressor This multipurpose device is ideal for any garage set-up. It converts engine power into pressurised air by drawing more and more air into its tank before it automatically switches off when it reaches maximum pressure, and serves as a support element to a number of other tools that need compressed air to run, like paint… Continue Reading »


The Perks of Owning a Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz is a brand renowned around the world for its sterling luxury reputation. It has become a symbol for quality, reliability, safety and luxury combined. Many Mercedes-Benz owners take great pride in driving and maintaining their precious cars, and many others dream of owning one in their lifetime as well. But what is it really about this brand that it remains to fascinate car enthusiasts all over the world? And what are the perks of driving home a Merc? takes a look at the reasons why the brand continues to be successful in the luxury auto class. 1. Class Leading Safety From its humble beginnings up to now, Mercedes-Benz… Continue Reading »


Distronic Plus and Brake Assist Plus Reduce Rear-end collisions by 20%

Distronic Plus and Brake Assist Plus, the Mercedes-Benz assistance systems based on sophisticated German engineered radar technology, are proving to be effective contributors to accident prevention. This is the conclusion reached after an analysis carried out by Mercedes-Benz on the basis of representative accident research data. With the help of this technology an average of one fifth of all rear-end collisions could be prevented in Germany alone. And on motorways, rear-end collisions could be reduced even further: by an average of 36%. The Mercedes-Benz systems warn drivers when they are maintaining too little distance from the vehicle traveling in front and provide support in the event of emergency braking.


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