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Mercedes-Benz Faces 300,000 Claims In the UK High Court Over Dieselgate Scandal

Mercedes-Benz continues to be haunted by its inclusion in the Dieselgate expose nearly eight years ago. The three-pointed star marque is once again under fire from 300,000 claims over its alleged use of cheat emissions software. This time, the battle lies at the London High Court. According to the allegations, Mercedes misled its customers regarding the emission compliance of its vehicles. They said that the German automaker had defeat devices or software installed in its vehicles to get lower nitrogen oxide (NOx) readings during tests. Mercedes denied using such tools to deceive regulatory bodies and its customers. The company claimed that the allegations were “without merit”. Likewise, the luxury car… Continue Reading »


New Mercedes Scandal: Did the Automaker Also Cheat Its Emission Ratings?

After the “Dieselgate” issue involving Volkswagen, a new report claimed that Mercedes-Benz also used software modifications to cheat its emission scores. The new Mercedes scandal was uncovered by U.S. investigators. According to Automotive News Europe, citing German paper Bild am Sonntag as a primary source, a new probe found that Mercedes uses an engine management function called “Slipguard”. What the software does is that it can detect if it the car fitted with it is being tested in a laboratory. Allegedly mentioned in confidential documents too was another function called “Bit 15”. The said system turns off emissions cleaning after 26 km of driving. The report warned that use of… Continue Reading »


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