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Brabus Presents Its CLS Shooting Brake

The CLS Shooting Brake has only been recently released and already, premium Mercedes tuner Brabus has released its version.  In its most powerful version, Brabus has seen to upgrade the 5.5 liter’s output to almost 620 horsepower with a corresponding bump in torque to 737 foot-pounds. This was primarily done with a revised ECU and charge air cooler. Consequently, maximum velocity in this speed-delimited car is 320 km/hr or almost 200 miles per hour.  To complement this performance, Brabus has partnered with Bilstein in developing a suspension kit that offers revised rates to take advantage of the higher engine output. True to form, Brabus has equipped the CLS Shooting Brake… Continue Reading »


2013 Mercedes-Benz Shooting Brake Spotted, Practically Unshrouded

The 2013 Mercedes-Benz CLS 63 AMG Shooting Brake model has been spotted in the wild, practically without any camouflage to mask the car’s design from the public. It appears very much like the non-AMG version that was spotted a while back at the Nurburgring. Still, we all know that what’s most important about this variant is the 5.5L twin-turbo V8 engine beneath its hood. With this surprise appearance of the upcoming CLS 63, people can expect only minor cosmetic revisions on the final model that reaches showrooms. It’s got the CLS line’s characteristic flair, with its wide wheel arches, quad exhausts, aggressive bumper design up front, and large alloy wheels…. Continue Reading »


“Amy” Crash Video Demonstrates CLS Safety

Seeing is believing, so they say. And what better way to demonstrate the safety of Mercedes-Benz cars than to show a seemingly wrecked CLS that protected its occupants, including the family dog. Mercedes’ spot is called “Amy”, which is the name of the dog accompanying its owners when they crashed in their CLS last year. The voice over asks if Amy was lucky to walk away from the crash. And when you see the damage to the Mercedes, it’s certainly bad. But the voice says that luck had nothing to do with the survivors walking away. By implication, it’s the excellence of Mercedes’ engineering and safety features that allowed the… Continue Reading »


CLS Shooting Brake Caught At The Ring

Seen testing recently at the Nurburgring is the estate version of the groundbreaking CLS design that represented a fresh wave of thinking for Mercedes-Benz. Although it has been called a shooting brake, it strictly is not in the traditional form of the body style that was representative of the shape some decades back. At any rate, it does conform to the family shape of the CLS as evidenced by the latest set of pictures. By testing it at the Nurburgring, Mercedes is in fact previewing the model to the public. The carmaker would have known that the legions of photographers at the famous track would be sure to take pictures… Continue Reading »


CLS Shooting Brake Spied Testing

Looking very much like the renderings that made it all over the net last year, Mercedes-Benz’s CLS Shooting Brake as been caught testing in the wild. As shooting brakes go, Mercedes’ CLS is stretching the description out a bit, but Estate seems a bit too dated for the radical 4-door coupe that was met with much acclaim when it was introduced. At any rate, the appearance of CLS Shooting Brake bodes well for fans of the rakish design introduced by the CLS coupe. Since the CLS profile calls for a sloping back, Mercedes also seems to have followed that design imperative to the shooting brake variant. Although this does limit… Continue Reading »


Unfortunate CLS Gets Candy Paint Treatment

Found in one of the many corners of the internet is this CLS 550 owned by an American designer. There’s no word on the inspiration for creating this color scheme but it’s definitely not one that would be described as subdued.  The hood, roof and decklid are a bright yellow, the sides of the car are purple and the bumper and sills are red. Hmm, something that a person dabbling in Microsoft Paint might do, but not many would execute in real life. The wheels have not escaped this designer’s attention, and they have been painted in a yellow, purple and red color scheme that reminds us of McDonald’s colors…. Continue Reading »


CLS63 AMG Design Process Time-Lapsed On YouTube

We all know that Mercedes-Benzes are highly complex cars that are masterpieces from the minds of designers and engineers from the company’s tech centers. Unlike the sometimes overwhelming feeds on new models and spyshots that we get on a weekly basis, the design process is not as readily available. But now, a time-lapse video has hit YouTube, showing some elements of the design process, from the proverbial clean sheet of paper, to a digital rendering on a computer, which will become the basis for CAD/CAM processes that make up the steps in automobile production. As you will see, the video is a demonstration of the design process and not an… Continue Reading »


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