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Mercedes-Benz Is Testing The Drive Pilot In China

Mercedes-Benz is doubling down on its autonomous driving technology in key markets. After getting approval for the Drive Pilot’s deployment in Germany and the USA, the three-pointed star marque is also setting its sights on bringing the tech to the Chinese market. Drive Pilot Goes to China Recently, Mercedes-Benz announced that it is aiming for the potential rollout of its luxury cars equipped with the Drive Pilot tech in Beijing to further appease Chinese buyers. This comes hot on the heels of its successful applications for Level 3 self-driving technology on German and American roads. The approval for the testing of conditionally automated driving in some designated highways of the… Continue Reading »


2024 Mercedes-Benz E-Class L Debuts Exclusively In Chinese Market

The three-pointed star marque just unveiled the 2024 Mercedes-Benz E-Class L, exclusively available in China. This extended wheelbase version of the executive sedan promises a lavish experience for passengers and is set to offer a more budget-friendly alternative to its grand S-Class flagship car. Here are the exclusive features that make this vehicle stand out in the Chinese market. Visual Elegance The E-Class L carries over all the visually striking features of its standard form. However, it has been tweaked to showcase longer rear doors, thicker C-pillars, and a unique emblem on the D-pillars, giving it a bit of a Maybach vibe. The elongated design adds 5.6 inches to the… Continue Reading »


EU Tariffs On China Seen To Negatively Impact Mercedes-Benz

The automotive industry is bracing itself for potential changes as the European Union contemplates imposing tariffs on Chinese electric vehicle imports. This move could have far-reaching consequences for various players in the market. While some automakers might find themselves in advantageous positions, others could face significant challenges. In this article, we explore how Mercedes-Benz, a premium automaker, could be impacted by the EU tariffs, based on insights from Bernstein Research. Tariffs Favor Renault and Stellantis Forbes, citing forecasts by Bernstein Research, believes Renault and Stellantis stand to gain if the European Union decides to impose tariffs on Chinese electric car imports. These mass-market manufacturers could benefit from reduced competition in… Continue Reading »


Mercedes-Benz To Revamp BEV Strategy To Capture Chinese Demand

In a strategic move to invigorate its lackluster battery electric vehicle (BEV) sales in China, Mercedes-Benz is embarking on a comprehensive reimagining of its approach. As revealed in recent German media coverage, the company is diligently fine-tuning its existing vehicle models to align with the unique preferences of the Chinese market. This endeavor is driven by the luxury automaker’s resolve to assert its dominance in an evolving landscape characterized by escalating competition and a burgeoning appetite for electrified transportation. Rethinking China’s BEV Landscape Mercedes, under the stewardship of CEO Ola Källenius, is orchestrating a sweeping transformation to cater effectively to the discerning Chinese clientele according to a report from Automobilwoche…. Continue Reading »


BYD’s Denza N8 Plug-In-Hybrid SUV: A Bold Move Up The Premium EV Segment

In a strategic bid to elevate its presence in the thriving electric vehicle (EV) market, Chinese automaker BYD has unleashed its latest creation in collaboration with Mercedes-Benz—the Denza N8 Plug-In Hybrid SUV. As the EV industry continues its rapid evolution, the China-based company backed by Warren Buffet is asserting itself as a formidable contender by rolling out the N8, a sleek and innovative offering that signals its ambition to climb the value chain and challenge established players. A Fusion of Luxury and Performance The Denza N8 SUV PHEV embodies BYD’s drive to cater to discerning consumers who seek the perfect amalgamation of opulence and performance. This bold step demonstrates the… Continue Reading »


2024 Mercedes-Benz E-Class L To Be Released Exclusively In China

Mercedes-Benz is set to release the new E-Class L, a luxurious sedan with a long wheelbase. According to leaked images and details published by the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT), the long-wheelbase (LWB) E-Class is longer than the standard version and will be released exclusively in China. Design and Features The E-Class L boasts a classic front grille design and a hood ornament bearing the three-pointed star emblem. That’s unlike the standard model which has a sportier front grille with the Mercedes logo embedded in it. Its size goes up to 200.4 inches in length, making it 5.6 in. longer than the standard variant available globally. Meanwhile,… Continue Reading »


Mercedes-Benz Optimistic On Increased Demand In China And The US

Mercedes-Benz released its first-quarter results on Friday, indicating increased demand in China and the United States. The company struck a positive note, reporting that the markets in these countries were showing signs of recovery from inflationary and supply chain shocks. The carmaker also expects the demand to pick up in Europe as consumer confidence rebuilds in the coming months. Improved Return on Sales Despite the warning issued in February that the company expects lower earnings this year, the first-quarter results were impressive according to Reuters. The carmaker reported group earnings of €5.5 billion ($6.06 billion). The annual adjusted return on sales at its vans division also increased from 9%-11% to… Continue Reading »


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