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car2go To Expand To The City Of Birmingham

car2go recently announced its winning bid to supply to the city of Birmingham in England a mobility solution for its populace. According to Councilor Timothy Huxtable, Cabinet Member for Transport, Environment and Regeneration, “Birmingham is committed to developing a wide range of green and public transport initiatives to reduce both traffic congestion and carbon emissions within the city, and the country at large. Through these projects we are keen to explore the potential that short term car share schemes may have, alongside improvements to public transport and walking/cycling links, in removing the traditional reliance on bringing cars into the city centre everyday.” car2go has the unique feature of offering a… Continue Reading »


car2go for Lyon

Continuing on their promise to expand their services to a wider base, car2go has announced the availability of this innovative service in Lyon, France, starting Feb 1st. car2go Europe GmbH will make available 200 low-emission Smart ForTwos for use in the flexible rental scheme that has become very popular in all its other locations. car2gos can be rented and returned within an operating area of 44 square kilometres covering the Lyon city centre. Members can find car2go vehicles spontaneously on the street, via the internet at, and with the help of several smartphone applications. At the end of the trip, car2go drivers do not have to bring the car2go… Continue Reading »


car2go Announces Milestones

Regular readers will know about the innovative car2go service which has been launched in various cities around the world, with most sites located in Europe. In an indicator of its continued popularity and acceptance, car2go recently announced that it’s 1 millionth transaction has recently been recorded. Worldwide, the car2go service accommodates 1,000 rentals a day. At this point, there are 2,000 vehicles in service and more than 50,000 customers worldwide. By 2016, car2go is aiming to have a presence in 40 to 50 European cities, with a dual-digit number of cities in the U.S. Also being refined is the transaction system that will allow a car2go member in one locality… Continue Reading »


Car2go Now in San Diego!

On November 18, car2go and City of San Diego announced that the car2go service is launched in the city. This will be a new transportation option for people in San Diego. For those who still don’t know about the program or system, car2go is a different rent-a-car system. The conventional way of renting a car, like going to the rental location, booking, leaving your credit card information and returning it to the same spot is all gone, because of this system. Here, you can rent a smartfortwo just by going to a designated car2go parking spot. Customers can return it in another location with a parking spot and there is… Continue Reading »


The World’s Largest car2go Fleet in Vienna

After the success of car2go networks in Vancouver, Austin, Hamburg and other cities in the world, it is not surprising that the car sharing program will set up in another European country, Austria, specifically in Vienna. This new location will not be like the others, it is the largest one as there will 500 smart fortwo cars for rent starting in December. Car2go is an initiative that helps people get a rental car without the hassle of getting in a rental office as you can spontaneously rent cars anytime and any place without setting a time or place to return it to. Robert Henrich, Managing Director of car2go GmbH described… Continue Reading »


Car2go Now in Amsterdam

Starting November 24, car2go will be launched in Amsterdam. It will start with 300 smart fortwo cars and these vehicles will help people travel anywhere without the hassle of booking a car in a rental office. Amsterdam will be the 5th city to have the service. Press release from Daimler AG: 300 smart fortwo electric drive vehicles set to arrive in Amsterdam by end of November 29 ct per minute makes e-mobility affordable for everyone New pricing model for all European car2go locations car2go today announced the official launch of one of the world’s first large scale all-electric vehicle carsharing fleets in Amsterdam. Beginning November 24th, 300 smart fortwo electric… Continue Reading »


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