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Tips To Save Money When Buying a New Mercedes

Are you in the market for a new Mercedes and want to know how to save some money on your purchase? Who wouldn’t want to be a smart shopper and get the best value for their money? We know that buying a new car is exciting, and it might lead to impulsive decisions, but before you jump in, take a moment to do your research. Remember that you can save money while buying a new car. There are numerous ways for you to save money when buying a car. In this article, we look at how you can save money when buying a new Mercedes. What Is The Actual Cost… Continue Reading »


6 Common Issues With Tesla Vehicles That You Won’t Experience with the Mercedes EQ

Teslas are selling quickly, and the brand has become one of the biggest leaders in the electric vehicle industry. While Teslas are classy and wonderful by many standards, there are many problems with the brand that we can’t just overlook. According to the latest annual Auto Reliability Survey by Consumer Reports, overall, Tesla ranked second to last in terms of reliability. There have been several ongoing problems with the brand which have been identified by consumers over the years. Here are six of the commonest issues with Tesla model cars that you should know about: Low-Quality Door Handles Tesla cars may have futuristic door handles, but their reliability is questionable…. Continue Reading »


Buying a Used Mercedes-Benz—A Beginner’s Guide

There’s nothing like driving a brand new Mercedes-Benz. To feel the precise mechanical engineering work on the road for the first time is a true privilege. But Mercedes-Benz enthusiasts don’t just crave the new and shiny. Benz drivers often have preferences that stretch back to vehicles from Mercedes-Benz’ entire 90 year history. If you’re looking for a vintage model, it’s important to know some of the basics to getting the best car at the best price. These are complex machines with equally complex histories. Taking the time to find the best vehicle for you will pay off for years and decades. Here are a few things to keep in mind…. Continue Reading »


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