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LG and Mercedes Partner to Develop a Stereo Camera System

On Christmas morning, LG and Mercedes announced a new venture. According to The Verge, the giant automaker and the electronics corporation forged a partnership that aims to revolutionize the way we drive our cars in the future. Ironically, the future of driving does not involve much driving at all since the two companies are planning to automate everything in our cars, and their new project is claimed to be the first step towards the realization of their common goal. Based from the source, they are presently talking about co-developing a stereo camera system to be used in future autonomous vehicles. The new system of LG and Mercedes would provide the core components… Continue Reading »


Distronic Plus and Brake Assist Plus Reduce Rear-end collisions by 20%

Distronic Plus and Brake Assist Plus, the Mercedes-Benz assistance systems based on sophisticated German engineered radar technology, are proving to be effective contributors to accident prevention. This is the conclusion reached after an analysis carried out by Mercedes-Benz on the basis of representative accident research data. With the help of this technology an average of one fifth of all rear-end collisions could be prevented in Germany alone. And on motorways, rear-end collisions could be reduced even further: by an average of 36%. The Mercedes-Benz systems warn drivers when they are maintaining too little distance from the vehicle traveling in front and provide support in the event of emergency braking.


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