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Potential Engine Supply Pact for Aston Martin and Daimler

According to a report via Bloomberg, Mercedes-Benz’s parent company, Daimler AG, is currently engaged in talks with Aston Martin for a deal that could potentially make Daimler an engine supplier for the British luxury automaker. While a Daimler spokesperson has indeed confirmed that there are talks, it was also stated that there has not been any decision yet on the matter. According to a source of the publication said to have knowledge of the deal, Daimler is the preferred partner when it comes to engaging in a supply deal, as designated by Investindustrial, the private equity fund who is currently backing Aston Martin and has a 37.5-percent stake in the… Continue Reading »


Aston May Need More Than Just AMG Engines

It may be possible that future Aston Martins will have more than just the AMG engines and may include the electronic architecture of Mercedes-Benz. This followed the report on the investment made by Investindustrial into the British sports car manufacturer. After selling Ducati to Audi, the private equity firm bought a 37.5 percent stake in Aston. Although Investindustrial have a close relationship with AMG and Mercedes, it remains unconfirmed if the German car manufacturer is included in the deal with Aston. According to a source in Mercedes-Benz, they know the people in Investindustrial and they have a close marketing deal with them. The source added that Investindustrial inquired if Mercedes… Continue Reading »


Project Alligator: Aston Martin and Mercedes-Benz Collaboration

We’ve heard about the Aston Martin & Mercedes rumor a couple of months earlier, but it seems that this, like many other Mercedes rumors, will become reality. CAR magazine is revealing that Aston Martin and Mercedes are planing a wide-ranging tie-up to collaborate on engines, hybrids, transmission and even entire platforms. Here are the highlights of the so called Alligator project: – Mercedes engines power future Aston Martins – AMG’s 6.3 liter V8 would make its way into the Vantage models – Diesels and Hybrids from Mercedes would be used in Astons – Whole platforms to be shared by top-end models – 8 speed automatic tranny for AM sports cars… Continue Reading »


TopGear: Supercar Fuel Economy Comparison Test

Top Gear is back again, and the 11th season is looking good. In their first episode, they decided to help folks out and do a fuel economy test. Well if you know Top Gear, you’ll know that this is no ordinary economy test. They put five supercars on the race track to see who can go further on 1 gallon of fuel. The cars: Lamborghini Murcielago, Audi R8, Mercedes McLaren SLR, Aston Martin DBS, and the Ferrari 599GTB


Rumours: Mercedes-Benz to Invest in Aston Martin

Unconfirmed reports from well-placed sources in Germany suggest that Mercedes Benz is looking to buy a substantial stake in Aston Martin. Rumours of a potential tie-up between the two premium marques originally emerged from Kuwait in February. Adham Charonoglu, of Aston’s Kuwaiti majority shareholder DAR, suggested that Aston and Mercedes could collaborate on a range of ventures, from engine supply to entirely new models. It now seems that Mercedes-Benz is taking a much more serious interest. And there is a business link; the Kuwaiti Investment Authority hold a seven per cent stake in Daimler AG. Such a move could also help to secure Aston’s long-term future. A small company like… Continue Reading »


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