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Fab Design Unveils Mercedes-AMG GT S AREION

The Fab Design-tuned Mercedes-AMG GT S AREION can be considered as the most notable launch of the tuning specialist at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show, as indicated on a report from The AREION follows the lead of the DESIRE, which was based on the SLR. The tuned luxury sports car is currently on display at the event. The AMG GT S AREION comes with a wide body kit with a wider and aggressive front bumper. It also features wide body fender flares along with notable air vents that are used as ventilation for its engine. The sculpted side skirts enhance the muscular feel of the vehicle. The wide body… Continue Reading »


Lexus RC F Tries To Outrun A Mercedes-AMG GT S

The result of a race between the Lexus RC F and the Mercedes-AMG GT S is a no-brainer, and the only thing we would want to know is far ahead would the German sports coupe be, as shown on a report from The race between two of the hottest sports coupes in the market was recorded in a video from the point of view of both cars. While the Lexus has a bigger 5.0-liter naturally-aspirated V8 engine compared to the AMG GT S, it is only capable of producing 467 HP of power. It can also accelerate from 0 to 60 mph within 4.4 seconds and has a top… Continue Reading »


Cool Widebody Kit Rendered By GWA For Mercedes-AMG GT S

The Mercedes-AMG GT S has been subjected to numerous enhancements by different tuning companies after it was launched by the luxury vehicle manufacturer from Germany. Brabus took a crack it by increasing its power output while it was given a light treatment by Office K. It appears that GWA giving it a whirl, as shown on a report from The tuning specialist from Miami released its preview of a rather eye-catching wideboy kit for the AMG GT S. The renderings for the luxury supercar of Mercedes-Benz followed the widebody kit created by the company for the Lamborghini Huracan. The most notable components of the GWA-tuned AMG GT S are… Continue Reading »


Mercedes-AMG GT S Receives A Light Treatment From Office K

The Mercedes-AMG GT S is quite a popular super car that a number of tuning specialists churned out their own impression of the luxury super car. The latest tuner to visually enhance the GT S is Office K, as shown on a report from The modifications made by Office K on the AMG GT S may not be pleasing to the eyes of some industry watchers. In fact, some may even think the enhancements simply messed up a perfectly good-looking car. The Japanese tuning company did not install the aero parts on the AMG GT S since these come together with the Edition 1 variant of the super car…. Continue Reading »


Mercedes-AMG GT S Given Red Forgiato Wheels

After the Mercedes-AMG GT was launched into the market earlier this year, a number of tuning and aftermarket specialists have enhanced the appearance of the latest product of the German luxury vehicle manufacturer. Among the latest companies that enhanced the AMG GT is Forgiato Wheels, as indicated on a report from While the AMG GT, which is the GT S variant, enhanced by Forgiato Wheels has a notable set of standard wheels, the new wheels given by the company simply brings the luxury super car to another level. The GT S features a twin-turbo 4.0-liter V8 engine with a power output of 510 HP. The power is transmitted into… Continue Reading »


Impressive Results For A RENNtech-Tuned Mercedes-AMG GT S

The drag racing world uses a different standard when it comes to the acceleration of a car since the 0 to 100 km/h time normally used by manufacturers does not completely reflect the capabilities of a vehicle. For a drag racer, the quarter mile is considered a better way to gauge how fast a vehicle can get off the line, and getting into ten-second region for street-legal cars is an extraordinary accomplishment. Only a small number of these cars are capable of sprinting down a quarter mile within eleven seconds, and it appears a Mercedes-AMG GT S tuned by RENNtech has joined this elite club, as shown on a report… Continue Reading »


Mercedes-AMG GT S Fire Department Edition Displayed At The Interschutz Show

The Interschutz show held in Hannover, Germany is the foremost trade show in the world that puts the spotlight on disaster relief, fire prevention, safety, and rescue vehicles. The show, which can be considered as the Geneva Motor Show for firefighters and rescue personnel, saw the debut of a one-of-a-kind version of the Mercedes-AMG GT S, as indicated on a report from This particular model of the super car of the luxury vehicle manufacturer is called the Mercedes-AMG GT S Fire Department Edition, and it carries the official colors of the fire department of Germany. It features a red and white wrap combined with fluro yellow elements. Since it… Continue Reading »


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