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CO2 Air Conditioning Systems Coming to Mercedes-Benz Cars in 2017

With regulatory bodies in major markets tightening their emission rules as time progresses, Mercedes-Benz cars and all other vehicle units of the three-pointed star brand will be equipped with carbon dioxide air conditioning systems. The changes will be implemented starting 2017, according to the Daimler Global Media Site. The goal of the company is to surpass the climate protection requirements of the EU through the new system. The source said it will be based on the DIN specifications, which were determined by the automotive standards committee of the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA). Aside from regulatory compliance, the CO2 air conditioning system¬†will also benefit customers. Daimler explained it… Continue Reading »


New Air Conditioning Refrigerant Faces Protests from Daimler and Volkswagen

Air Conditioning units are meant to keep everything cool. However, as the European Union pushed for the switch of refrigerants from R-134a to R-1234yf for new cars this 2013, things have gone hot. The new chemical was developed by Dupont and Honeywell. It was a product of years of research and millions of dollars of investment. According to the developers, the successor to the R-134a is 99.7% more environment-friendly. Then, upon passing the protocols of the EU, the new chemical was quickly embraced by the Union to the point that it decreed that the new cars of 2013 should now use it. But Daimler stood its ground and persisted to… Continue Reading »


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