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Carlsson Aigner CK65 “Eau Rouge”

Mercedes-Benz tuning specialists Carlsson have joined forces with international leather-lifestyle brand Etienne Aigner to develop the Carlsson Aigner CK65 “Eau Rouge”. Made in an exclusive small series, the luxury coupe based on the Mercedes-Benz CL produces over 700 bhp and 1,100 Nm after being breathed on by Carlsson.


Mercedes the Most Expensive Car to Insure

Forbes has put together a list, as they always do, of the “Most Expensive Cars to Insure” and believe it or not, Mercedes-Benz has secured the top three positions on the list. The SL, S, and CL-Class have been classified as the most expensive production cars to insure. It is no surprise that a car with an MSRP of $135,400 and 5.5 liter V8 engine would have an insurance cost of $22,536 a year. The same is true for the S Class, with an MSRP $123,888, it has an yearly insurance cost of $21,161. It is followed by the new CL, which costs $122,050, and has an insurance cost of… Continue Reading »


AutoExpress reviews the CL600

This is not a double post, AutoExpress reviewed the CL as well, but they did it better, they got themselves the CL600. While there isn’t much difference between the two (550 vs. 600) in the interior or exterior, the engines are certainly different; the 550 has a V8 and the 600 has enormous V12. Similar to the Edmunds review, the guys over at AutoExpress had positive things about the CL, and especially this quote shows it. There is no doubt this Mercedes is enormously expensive – but it’s one of the most capable cars on the planet. Read the review at AutoExpress


Edmunds reviews the CL 550

Edmunds has taken the time and reviewed the new CL550, and has nothing but positive things to say about the gorgeous CL. While it was hard for Mercedes to out do themselves with the new model, they actually did it, and the CL and the many positive reviews are the proof. Here is a great quote that sums the review up. Most of our time in the CL was spent on roads that rarely complemented its size or intent, yet we still had a hard time finding anything wrong with the big coupe. It looks better, goes faster and feels more comfortable than its nearly perfect predecessor. There’s too much… Continue Reading »


Is CL63 AMG the mystery car???

There is another rumor out there that I personally did not mention when I wrote about the mystery car last week. It seems that every car enthusiast site reporting on this, but as usual I am skeptical about this. These days, anything someone shouts out will be reported on, so let me shout out something here; I think it is the GL AMG, yeah why not, the proportions fit 🙂 Let’s be serious here, it just can’t be the CL, look at the picture above that I constructed, the CL is clearly much longer than the mystery car. Although the roof is pretty close to being the same, but everything… Continue Reading »


Mercedes working on CL Cabrio

We’ve heard about these plans some time ago, but it is nice to hear these word from a DCX executive. According to a recent interview in Auto Motor und Sport, a senior DaimlerChrysler exec hinted that the company was carefully considering adding a convertible version of the CL luxury coupe. The recent Ocean Drive concept gave Mercedes the chance and technology to develop and extra long convertible roof that is able to be fitted on a four door car. The CL Cabrio will of course only have two doors, but the Ocean Drive Concept technology will no doubt make it feasable to develop a convertible roof for the future CL,… Continue Reading »


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