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Top Gear: Richard Hammond Crash

This is it.; they finally show the Hammond crash on Top Gear more than 2 months after it happend. He did three runs, and let me tell you that I was scared on everyone of them in anticipation of the crash. It is a weired feeling watching a video that could have killed him, and ironically that is what he jokes about during the taping of the crash.


Top Gear: VW Corrado and Mercedes 190E

These are some great cars that Hammond got to drive, well they were at least when I was growing up. Even if it was only 13 or 14 years ago, it really takes you back to the time when life was much simpler, for me at least. I definitely see a resemblance between the 190E and the new C-Class with it squarish headlights and much more aggressive look that the outgoing C-Class failed to show.


Hammond crash pictures released

It has been a couple of months since the accident and Hammond is slowly going back to his old life. First images have been published from that crash and the video will be aired during the first episode of Top Gear on January 28th. We wish him all the best in his life and hope that he will take care of himself in the future. Click on more below to see the other images.


Richard Hammond explains under-and-oversteer

Who better explain the difference between under and oversteer, than our beloved Top Gear host – Richard Hammond. While most car enthusiasts know what each means, Richards explains it very nicely, so that even your grandma could understand it; he even demonstrates it with toys, so you can get the idea. Like always, hamster likes to crack some jocks while doing the demonstration – hilarious.


Jeremy’s lust for the Mercedes 280SL

Here is another great show from the Top Gear guys, especially Jeremy and his great humor. His assignment this time is to found out why he does NOT want a Mercedes 280SL. This of course proves to be a harder test than you might think, but Jeremy, as stubborn as he is, will giving his best to find a reason to hate the Merc. Watch and see if he makes it.


Top Gear: Range Rover 580S vs. Mercedes SLK 320

Who else would put an SUV against a roadster in a drag-race but Top Gear. This one of those comparison tests that really don’t make sense, but achieve a great amount of laughter and excitement. Top Gear put a Range Rover, tuned by Overfinch, that has a 380 hp engine from BMW and costs 105,000 British pounds, against an old Mercedes SLK 320 V6 in an unusual drag-race. I do have to say that the Range Rover, especially this one tuned by Overfinch, is a great SUV that looks and drives great.


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