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The Pagani Zonda RAK

Horacio Pagani just can’t stop creating extra special editions of his Pagani Zonda super sports car. The most recent of these is the Zonda RAK, which follows the footsteps of the Uno Zonda and the HH. No, it’s not in any way related to Bumblebee or Michael Bay, although it is equally as larger than life as those two are. Being a special edition Zonda, it’s no surprise that it has got a 7.3-liter V12 AMG engine breathing under its rear end. Its maximum horsepower is rated at around 702hp, allowing it to sprint from zero to 100mph in barely over three seconds. Keeping the throttle fully depressed, you can… Continue Reading »


Virtual Zonda by Barney

Are you a fan of the Pagani Zonda? Then you might dig this artist rendering. It’s not exactly the Zonda, but it’s not exactly its successor, the C9, either. Anyway, you should be well aware of the one-off affairs Pagani has been having with its special edition Zonda’s, most recent of which is the Rak. The Rak, as you may have seen, bears great resemblance to Bumblebee from Transformers. It’s got an interior to boot and a V12 powerhouse that will melt your brain into molecules. The thing is about the Rak is that it costs around 1.8 million euros, or roughly two and a half million dollars. So unless… Continue Reading »


Brand new Pagani to debut next spring

Next spring will see the debut of a brand new Pagani. One that will serve as the outrageous Zonda’s successor, and possibly even more radical and more powerful than Pagani’s current supercar. As of now, all you need to know is that it’s called the C9, and that it features technology that is nothing like what the current Zonda has—engine configuration, tranny, and manufacturing wise, it’ll all be unique. First off on the list of innovations is a forced induction fed 6-liter twin-turbo V12 that will be capable of churning out 700bhp and 730lb-ft of torque. Although Pagani is saying that the engine will be of exclusive roots, our hunch… Continue Reading »


Pagani Zonda in a different color

Do you know what a Pagani Zonda is? Well, for starters, it’s a supercar—a very expensive supercar. And then, under its hood is a Mercedes-Benz sourced engine. So that says a lot of the quality of its powerplant. Power delivery? Well, you can’t really expect a supercar to behave like a MINI Cooper, now do you? Of course, it’s loud, and that’s all part of what makes it a fun supercar. And did we tell you that it’s expensive. Then here comes a one-off special edition Pagani Zonda that nevertheless tames down the unforgiving appearance of the conventional, and highly expensive, model. Yes folks, that’s pink or light violet that… Continue Reading »


Pagani C9 prototype to sport gullwing doors

You just can’t get enough of spy photos, can you? Well, here’s more, but it ain’t Mercedes-Benz. Well, technically, Pagani super cars use Mercedes-Benz engines, so that in essence makes them close kin, and earns them the right to be in Benz Insider. So here’s the latest bit of Pagani news. Have you ever seen a Pagani Zonda super car parked on the street with its doors swung so arrogantly wide? Well, you better relish that moment, because soon you’ll see something different. Something so wild that you’ll get the feeling you’re looking at a far relative of the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG—on the Zonda’s replacement, that is. This spy photo… Continue Reading »


2010 Pagani Zonda F

The 2010 Pagani Zonda F has been spied in Australia.  There is not much to distinguish it from the regular Zonda F. It gets an all new front clip and the rear quarter panels have been re-sculpted to allow for significantly increased airflow. If you look closely there is a totally new air scoop at the middle of the engine cover. However the biggest change expected is in the engine compartment. Instead of using the 7.3L Mercedes AMG V8 found in the current Zonda, there are rumors of the 5.4L supercharged V8 from the McLaren SLR 722 or the bi-turbo V12 from the recently launched Mercedes SL65 AMG Black series… Continue Reading »


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