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Mercedes-Benz Electric Commercial Vehicle Discontinued

The low demand for electric cargo vans that can go as fast as 50mph may not validate full production of such a vehicle, according to Mercedes-Benz. The luxury car manufacturer made this revelation after its limited release of the Vito E-Cell electric commercial vehicle in the European market. The release of the vehicle was simply to evaluate its feasibility in the market. Due to the low demand, the project may be discontinued, according to Volker Mornhinweg, the head of the van division of Mercedes-Benz. The Vito E-Cell vehicle can carry loads reaching 1,873 lbs. It has a range of around eighty miles. According to the company only a small number… Continue Reading »


Zero Emission Refrigerator Van by Kerstner and Mercedes-Benz Vito E-Cell

People are trying to search for more Earth-friendly solutions to transportation needs. Refrigerator vans, for example, are now becoming necessities, especially in business. That’s why, refrigeration van specialist Kerstner is launching the first ref van of the Mercedes Vito E-Cell in Lyon/France for the Solutrans Show. This will be on showcase today until December 3. The Kerstner refrigeration unit will be zero-emmission as it is run by lithium-ion battery. Additionally, it is independent from the Vito E-Cell’s traction battery thus, it won’t restrict the Vito E-Cell range. The refrigeration van company put the battery’s service life at 3,000 charging cycles, or a lifespan of around 12 years. As of now,… Continue Reading »


Vito E-CELL for rent through Europcar

Ever dreamt of owning an electric vehicle? Think about it – you won’t have to stop by gasoline stations to fill up, and thus you won’t have to worry about world oil prices rising. You’ll just have to find a charging station and pay for a full battery’s worth of charging. Well, if you can’t afford to buy an EV, whether in terms of time or money, perhaps you could rent one. If you look around, you’ll find that there are dozens of electric cars to choose from. But hopefully you’ll realize that there aren’t much electric vans roaming around. Enter Europcar to fill in that void. Mercedes-Benz came up… Continue Reading »


Vito E-Cells being tested for service by Deutsche Post DHL

It’s only a matter of time before electric vehicles start to increase in numbers. They not only bring with them fuel savings, but virtually zero emissions as well, making them uber-friendly to the environment. Take the Mercedes-Benz Vito E-Cell for instance. Given a huge number of businesses that use vans for transporting their products and services, there’ll be a lot less waste and pollution floating around with electric vans taking over. Just this week, a bunch of Vito E-Cells were presented at the Mercedes-Benz dealership in Berlin as part of the company’s pro-environment program entitled GoGreen. One of their partners is Deutsche Post DHL, who are now testing the E-Cell’s… Continue Reading »


More details on the Vito E-CELL

Heads up, folks. Mercedes-Benz has released details on the Vito E-CELL. In case you’re wondering, it’s the all-electric version of the Vito van, kinda’ like the SLS AMG E-CELL, only it isn’t a super car. Nevertheless, it’s sure to save a lot of business folks a lot of money with its all-electric drivetrain. There are now a hundred units that have been assembled for Mercedes-Benz’s test fleet. And there’s a further 2,000 units that are to be produced beginning next year. Performance-wise, the Vito E-CELL has around 130 kilometers to run on a full-charged battery, and carries around 900 kilos of hardware. The electric motor has from 60-70 kW of… Continue Reading »


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