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Tips for Buying Mercedes-Benz Used

Owning a luxury car like Mercedes-Benz is something few can afford. Those that do understand that they are in an enviable consumer class, one which allows them to travel with style, speed, and comfort not experienced by the average driver. Though a new Mercedes-Benz will carry a price tag that sends most people packing, these vehicles are actually more affordable than most assume, that is… If they’re willing to consider the used market. Mercedes-Benz vehicles are made to last. And they do, meaning that a used Benz won’t be tremendously difficult to find. And when you do, the price might surprise you. Here are a few tips. They’re Affordable, the… Continue Reading »


Are used cars really that much cheaper?

With the economy still not back to where it was some years ago, getting used cars for sale instead of a new one is a better alternative. Or not. An economist, Paul Ballew said that over half a million people who bought new cars were actually thinking of buying used ones. “There’s a substitution effect going on between new and used. When you get those price gaps closing, you get people that are willing to shop new that wouldn’t have before,” he shared. This means that when a prospective buyer learned about the smaller price difference, plus the lesser amount of money you will spend on repair and maintenance, they… Continue Reading »


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