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A Bigger, More Versatile Mercedes-Benz Unimog U 5000 6×6

Mercedes-Benz has unleashed the new Unimog U 5000 6×6 offroad truck, which features a third axle that allows the truck to have a higher payload, more traction, more space in the body, and an improved range of applications. The U 5000 has always been the heavyweight in the Unimog line, and now this 6×6 three-axle variant packs some more punch for cross-country multi-purpose mobility. The truck has a 17-ton permissible gross weight, and the payload is pegged at 10 tons. That added capacity should give the truck the ability to handle all manner of tasks it has never handled before. Focus has been put on the additional capacity, but the… Continue Reading »


Mercedes To Offer Upgraded Unimogs To Railroad Industry

  With winter coming up, railway companies in Germany and the rest of Europe will look to its fleet of shunting and clearing vehicles to once again do yeoman’s duty in keeping trains on schedule. Unimogs have long been a favorite of operators for their rugged dependability, and Mercedes recognizes this. For the 9th edition of InnoTrans in Berlin (the leading global trade show for the railway industry), Mercedes-Benz is exhibiting new configurations for Unimogs on rails. What should particularly interest industry executives and engineers is the Unimog U400’s adaptability as a shunting vehicle that can do double duty as a snow-clearing vehicle. This adaptation was developed by designing a… Continue Reading »


In Germany, Unimog Garners Best Vehicle Award – Again

Mercedes’ unstoppable Unimog has once again captured the hearts and minds of a group of truck and special vehicle users by garnering the best cross-country vehicle of the year award in Germany. “Off-road”, a trade magazine that has been conducting a poll for such vehicles for more than two decades announced the results a few weeks ago. The award to the Unimog was the result of getting 34% from more than 57,000 votes. More than 140 vehicle choices were on the poll and the results are specially gratifying, given that the Unimog has been a perennial winner for the past several years. Including this year’s award, participants in the votes… Continue Reading »


Unimog Versatility Demonstrated In Scaffolding Business

Apart from being the top choice of overland adventure types, the Unimog can be found all over the globe, performing duties that make full use of its unique strengths and capabilities. In Sonthofen, Germany, the Unimog’s dependability and versatility has inspired a company specializing in scaffoldings to use these Mercedes trucks for the past three decades. Schneider Ltd., has been supplying and renting out scaffoldings to churches, hospitals, schools, industrial buildings and mountain railway stations up to 50 metres high. And one of the scaffolding company’s key operations is renting out over 40 self-propelling aerial working platforms. To this end, the company’s Unimogs have been outfitted with ball type and… Continue Reading »


U500 Unimog Shows Versatility As A Snowplow

Business and municipal operators keep on finding new uses for Mercedes’s evergreen Unimog, and this time it’s for use as an all-year round snowplow and emergency operations vehicle. This particular Unimog was ordered by Felsenau authorities with the optional 4-wheel steering system. With 4?wheel steering, the Unimog becomes considerably more manoeuvrable with its turning circle reduced by 30 percent. This capability became particularly useful when a recent snowstorm laid on 10 meters of snow on the mountain roads of Vorarlberg in Austria. Before the availability of 4-wheel steering, there was a need to to clear extra bays into a bend in order to achieve the necessary turning radius. Needless to… Continue Reading »


Unimog U 400 Now Rolling in Russia

Since the second quarter of 2010, which was the beginning of production of the Mercedes-Benz Actros and Axor in Russia, it has been growing exponentially that they now have the Unimog, which is also continuing its success. The joint venture of Daimler and the Russian truck manufacturer Kamaz called Mercedes-Benz Truck Vostok, started rolling the Unimog U 400 in Naberezhyne Chelny a few days ago. The assembly, based in Mercedes-Benz standards are in that area of Russia, then the kits are being delivered in Woerth. The Unimog has been in existence for over 60 years. Since then it has gained attention for being a versatile and powerful utility and transport… Continue Reading »


Agritechnica 2011 : Zetros’ Premier and Unimog’s Showcase

Agritechnica will happen on November 15 to 19 in Hannover, it is an exhibition of agricultural machinery from different parts of the country and the world. Along with other 2,600 exhibitors, Mercedes-Benz will also take part in the event, showcasing not only Mercedes truck, but three. The other one even premiering there, the Mercedes Zetros. The two other vehicles are the Unimog U 500 with agricultural logistics with hydraulic power and grain tipper and the Unimog 5000 with Dammann body-mounted sprayer. Here’s the official press statement by Mercedes: Things are definitely looking up at Agritechnica, the world’s largest exhibition of agricultural machinery, taking place from 15 to 19 November 2011… Continue Reading »


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