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Daimler And Kamaz Sign Axle Deal

German manufacturer Daimler and Kamaz of Russia continue their cozy relationship with the signing of  a new agreement. The signing of an additional Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Russian partner Kamaz has prompted Daimler to quip that the partnership is “all milk and honey” after last week’s signing. In the new deal, Daimler will supply axles for the trucks produced by the Mercedes-Benz Trucks Vostok joint venture. Daimler will also supply axles as well as components for non-drive front axle systems and one- and two-stage rear drive axle systems. This development will follow in the future if all goes according to plan. Daimler Trucks procurement and global powertrain operations manager… Continue Reading »


Atego crowned king of trucks at IAA

Which is the International Motor Show (IAA) Commercial Vehicle’s Truck of the Year 2011? None other than the Mercedes-Benz Atego of course. This 12-ton heap of German engineering perfection bagged the most votes for it to win the prestigious award of being crowned the big daddy of all commercial vehicles. Around 23 automotive journalists from all over the world were on hand to witness the awarding ceremony and saw the Atego win in all its splendor. The Atego is an extremely versatile truck for both short and long-distance services. The series-built Atego 1222 EEV BlueTec Hybrid is even better. Apart from pioneering hybrid technology into commercial vehicles, it now offers… Continue Reading »


Daimler Trucks recovering from 2009 economic turmoil

If you think big time premium vehicle manufacturers such as Daimler and Mercedes-Benz couldn’t possibly be affected by economic downturns, think again. Nothing can be farther from the truth, especially during the later half of 2009 when Daimler Trucks had their greatest fallback. During that period of slow growth, however, the Chinese market kept resiliently alive. Of course, things have changed ever since the new year came. Now, sales figures of Daimler Trucks have so far been a lot better than the previous year, around 30 percent more than in 2009. The division is even expecting as much as EUR1 billion in sales for this year alone. Even in other… Continue Reading »


Actros production boost in Brazil to satisfy truck demands

Up for a road trip to Brazil? Well, Mercedes-Benz is—with their Actros long-haulage truck. Road versions of the Actros were introduced last month, and now a fleet is set to be shipped to Brazil where they’re going to be working full time. If you can remember, the company announced back in March that it’s going to be increasing production in their Sao Bernardo Campo plant in time for 2012. It’s to meet the increasing demand for commercial vehicles in the country. True enough, Mercedes-Benz is even output by adding Actros production in their Juiz de Fora plant starting 2011. The plan is to spread production of the Actros in three… Continue Reading »


It’s black, it’s white, it’s an Actros

Just because you’re doing serious business doesn’t mean your trucks don’t have to look good. And that is why Mercedes-Benz Trucks has just launched its special edition model of the Actros, named the Black LIner and the White Liner. Quite a contrast, don’t you think? There aren’t really any technical enhancement done from the basic Actros, only that these two have been specially painted and have been sprinkled a few tidbits of luxury on a few places. The colors aren’t exactly black and white. It’s more like diamond white and obsidian black. The Black LIner features exterior mirror trims with chrome accentuations, stainless steel sidesteps and blackened headlight trims. The… Continue Reading »


Unimog takes on rail identity and construction work

Whoever said Mercedes-Benz trucks are only good for public road use? Well, not quite. Nothing could be farther from the truth, as exemplified by this one of a kind Unimog found working in the Cassanawald Tunnel under the San Bernardino Pass. The Unimog is being used to haul a whole line of railway freight wagons carrying construction equipment. Yes, the equipment being used to construct the tunnel. The Unimog was manufactured way back in 1971. Albeit more than 40 years old, it has been upgraded to comply with Euro 4 emission standards. This baby can pull as much as 60 tons of dead weight through the entire 1.2 kilometer tunnel…. Continue Reading »


Singapore gets a load of natural gas powered Econic trucks

When it comes to caring for the environment, Mercedes-Benz never lets itself be left behind. And thus it recently began testing of its latest Econic trucks with natural gas technology in Singapore. The country’s biggest waste management company, Sembcorp, has signed up to conduct the testing with the goal of determining the realistic benefits of the Econic. It’s being graded based on its cost effectiveness and ability to satisfy customers. Mercedes-Benz delivered to Sembcorp Econic trucks with two engine choices—an inline six cylinder diesel engine and one which is powered entirely by natural gas. The NGT engine, with product code M 906 LAG, has a 6.9 liter displacement and is… Continue Reading »


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