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Tesla Announces Cooperative Venture With Daimler

In the electric vehicle front, Tesla has announced that it is co-developing an electric car with Mercedes-Benz. In 2009, Daimler invested in this innovative electric vehicle developer, and has since used its battery packs in the smart EV. For the new vehicle being developed with the German automaker, Tesla’s entire powertrain is under consideration, which includes the electric motor, gearbox, inverter and control software. Together with the recent unveiling of its Model X crossover, Tesla’s revenues will be helped along by this cooperative venture with Mercedes-Benz. No timetable has yet been mentioned, but with Tesla’s continued release of electric vehicles with innovative technologies, there is no doubt that their EV… Continue Reading »


Daimler, 2 Others Eye Tesla Li Battery Technology

Daimler AG is one of three automobile manufacturers who are looking to the testing of Lithium batteries made by Tesla Motors in order to make powering electric cars more affordable. Currently, EVs make use of bigger batteries designed specifically for automotive use. Tesla’s battery, on the other hand, is based on laptop battery technology that is considered to be much cheaper. The battery in question, which is pictured above, is a pack composed of 6,831 cells [a common netbook has a 6-cell battery], manufactured by Tesla and used in the Roadster. The battery is good for around 245 miles out of every full charge. Analysts are pegging the laptop-based technology… Continue Reading »


Smart Fortwo Electric Drive to be Featured in 2010 Paris Auto Show

Not having succeeded in thrilling the world in recent years, Daimler’s brand smart is attempting a different approach, one which just might raise the number of sales the company is aiming for. The smart has gone to Paris, where it will be showcased both in the usual internal combustion engine guise, but also with electric drive. The smart fortwo Electric Drive is propelled by a 30 kW magneto-electric motor equipped at the rear which gives a torque if 120 Nm at the first steering of the wheel. The unit boosts the small car to run from zero to sixty in 6.5 seconds, similar to the petrol model. The car gets… Continue Reading »


Mercedes with Tesla Batteries to be Presented at Paris Motor Show

A tiny Mercedes-Benz electric automobile equipped with batteries from Tesla Motors Inc., will be presented at the Paris Motor Show this coming October. Daimler AG, the mother company of Mercedes-Benz, has labored alongside with Palo Alto-based Tesla to manufacture the automobile, which based on the reports has a range of less than 125 miles. Mercedes-Benz is geared to produce at least 500 of the automobiles, though they won’t be up in the United States car market. Rather, Mercedes will lease them to clients in Germany for a span of four years. Mercedes and Tesla worked together on a battery technology last 2009. Tesla also produces batteries for electric versions of… Continue Reading »


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