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Mercedes Places In List Of Cool Brands

  Most people, car enthusiasts or not, know that ownership of a Mercedes is a mark of status and an affirmation of knowing how to appreciate the fine things in life. In the UK, the Mercedes brand has debuted at number 16 in the CoolBrands list. This list, compiled from an annual survey of around 3,000 respondents, recognizes the coolness factor of a brand by ranking attributes like innovation, originality, style, authenticity, desirability and uniqueness. No surprises that Apple is number one, but Mercedes in its debut year was the top non-British automotive brand. Mercedes joins a diverse list of brands that are undoubtedly cool, such as Bang & Olufsen,… Continue Reading »


JD Power Survey Confirms MB Owners’ Satisfaction

Confirming the steadfast quality of Mercedes-Benz vehicles, J.D. Power’s recent survey showed four top satisfaction ratings for cars from the German manufacturer. Mercedes’ A-, C-, and E-Class cars all gained the top ratings from the highly respected survey firm, with the C-Class taking the top honors for the third consecutive time and the E-Class for the second time. Apart from these, Mercedes also won the Overall VOSS award for brands. Such consistent results are the result of Mercedes’ continuing commitment to quality engineering and innovation, and such survey results are one of the many confirmations of why Mercedes-Benz cars are class leaders in various vehicle segments. As Dr. Joachim Schmidt,… Continue Reading »


And the most satisfying car brand for Germans is…

Are you happy with your Mercedes-Benz? Well, according to a study by the highly-renowned J.D. Power and Associates Index on the Satisfaction of Car Buyers, you are. It’s amazing how research companies can read your mind, isn’t it? According to their large-scale survey, the car brand with which people—well, Germans mostly—are most satisfied is none other than Daimler’s brainchild. A lot of their success it seems stems from the popularity of the C-Class and the CLK, which also won in their respective categories under the same survey. What all this means is that Mercedes-Benz owners such as yourself are the most satisfied motorists in all of Germany. The survey was… Continue Reading »


Reputation Institute N.Y. ranks Mercedes-Benz as 5th most reputable company

More important than anything else, for a company to stay afloat, it has to cut through the clutter of advertisements and marketing clouds present in all forms of media. Hard though as companies may try, there’s only one way to keep their head afloat in the world of business—get customers to buy—not think, just buy. That’s what reputation does for a company, and Mercedes-Benz is no short of being reputable. Highly regarded as one of, if not the, top luxury car manufacturer, Mercedes-Benz enjoys doing reputable business with loyal clients all over the world. So it’s no wonder why its popularity has given it tremendous name-recall in the minds of… Continue Reading »


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