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Spy Cam: The 2012 GL-Class under guise

Some people find SUVs more exciting than passenger cars. Is it their sheer size or their calling for the off-road? Well, maybe it’s because they’re more practical when you’re carrying lots of cargo, including people. Whatever your reason may be, here’s something that might tickle your fancy—spy photos of the future GL-Class. Yes, Mercedes-Benz is in the process of one-upping the current GL. Apparently, they don’t want to give first dibs to anyone about the details. But that won’t stop people like us from posting teasers. You are teased by spy photos, aren’t you? The proto you see in the photos was captured in southern Germany, coming home to its… Continue Reading »


Leaked! AMG’s take on the next-generation CLS

We owe you guys and gals another installment of CLS updates, but this time, we aren’t going to give you renderings. The photos in the gallery below are the next-generation CLS sedan in what seems to be AMG tailoring. We may have been too excited to suggest that previous renderings of the next CLS were in fact its much-awaited AMG variant. This time, however, we’re quite sure that we’re staring at the right creature, unless of course Mercedes-Benz says otherwise. We could go on and on with the next CLS’ sexy lines, intimidating headlights and taillights, and bold fascia, but we’d rather stick to what really matters when involving anything… Continue Reading »


Spy Photo: The New Mercedes-Benz B-Class

Mercedes Benz USA is said to be very enthusiastic on the monobox mini-MPV’s design, and some of the automaker’s executives are motivated to put the car out in as many markets as possible. The latest variations are poised to join the standard hatchback in the range, which includes a BMW 1-series sports hatch and a four-door saloon with a much defined sporty look. The new Mercedes B-Class is set to be introduced in 2011, and is possible to be out on the US Market. Latest diesel and petrol engines are also poised to go along the range, while the latest model may also be used as a showcase for alternative… Continue Reading »


The upcoming 2012 B-Class

The B-Class has been a marketable model for Mercedes since it was launched in Europe, Asia, and other continents. It has sold over 120,000 units on its first year of production. The next generation will come out in 2012 and will now be available in the US. There are speculations that Mercedes is planning to widen its range by introducing new variants a new convertible coupe and a hatchback to compete head on with the 1 Series from BMW. There’s also a possibility to offer a new four door on a coupe platform. The hatchack is slated to come out, as it is now being developed and tested at the… Continue Reading »


Mercedes-Benz Cabrio gets spied with a soft top

Last week, we got the opportunity to see a computer illustration on what the 2010 E-Class Cabrio might look like. This week, courtesy of our beloved GlobalMotors guys, we get to see fresh spy shots of the upcoming E-Class Cabrio. It will be closely based on the coupe version, and will even inherit the E-Class sedan engines. The only thing different is that it will have a soft top, which of course is acceptable, but I am more in favor of having a hard top. Either way, looking forward to more spy shots and info of course. Check out more pictures over at GlobalMotors


Mercedes-Benz E-Class Coupe spy shots – part 4

Mercedes-Benz officially announced the new E-Class yesterday, and today, we are getting fresh spy shots of the new E-Class Coupe. It seems that Mercedes is either not really trying to hide the E-Class Coupe or the spy ninjas are really good. I am actually more inclined to believe that Mercedes is preparing to officially announce the coupe the coupe in about 2 months at the Geneva Auto Show, so they aren’t concerned about spy shots anymore. As always, a big thanks goes out to and their spy photographers.


More proof that our E-Class shots are the real deal

Ever since we published the first official shots of the next-gen E-Class, critics were calling it everything from fake to computer generated images, well, here is some further proof, with the help of our new friends at They have published a series of spy shots of the new E-Class, which is nearly undisguised this time around. As you’ll see in the pictures below, the newest spy shots and the pictures we published as the first official E-Class pictures (by AutoBild), look 99% identical. There are of course some differences, but that is too be expected, as the car is still being tested and refined. See for yourself and tell… Continue Reading »


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