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Leaked image of facelifted C-Class

It’s been a while since the C-Class first showed its face to the world—a world which gave it such a long, warm welcome. That is why Mercedes-Benz is working hard on facelifting their much-loved saloon to please the millions of C-Class fans. The entire process of upgrading the C-Class is now in its advanced stages, and auto journalists armed to the teeth with spy cameras just couldn’t help but sneak a peek at what Mercedes-Benz is working on. So, without further ado, we give you this leaked image of what the facelifted C-Class would look like. As you can see from the photo, restyled headlights would be the main enhancement,… Continue Reading »


Update on the next-generation C-Class

So yeah, the next C-Class will come in both coupe and convertible variants. In the gallery below, you’ll even get to peek at its interior. But how will the next C-Class Coupe fare against the two-door E-Class. Since the E-Class similarly is based on the current C-Class platform, it’ll be fun to see which of the two will be larger and performance-wise, which will be a lot more tempting to drive. A lot of questions are hanging on these two vehicle lineups, questions which will hopefully get some answers from the up-and-coming Paris Motor Show in France. Surely, you guys are wondering what the price tag will be and how… Continue Reading »


Spy photos of the proposed C-Class Coupe

In case you’re wondering, yes Mercedes-Benz has indeed said yes on a new C-Class Coupe. They say its set to joint the rest of the gang once the current C-Class expires, making way for a replacement. To back it up, here are new spy photos of an orange crash test coupe that show brand new details of what the C-Class Coupe may look like. If you look closely at the base of the C-pillar, you’ll notice that there’s an ascending line that’s quite a stark difference from Mercedes-Benz’s current models. Apart from that, nothing really certain right now. Wait, there is. Some of the photos also suggest wide wheel arches,… Continue Reading »


2011 C-Class unveiling will be happening in Detroit

Finally, after the long wait, Mercedes-Benz has announced that the 2011 C-Class will be presented next year in Detroit. As expected, the new C-Class will be of a slightly different design, with new headlights, a reshaped bonnet and refurnished bumpers. The company is going to be putting in modified engines from the current C-Class lineup, and will be offering a seven-speed transmission as an option. Apart from the four-door saloon, Mercedes-Benz is also preparing a brand new C-Class Coupe. They say it should be worthy to take on arms against fellow German rivals, the Audi RS5 and the BMW M3, who already command quite a following for their high-performance. Mercedes-Benz’s… Continue Reading »


Spy Photo: Mercedes-Benz CLS without camo

Expected to arrive by the end of 2010, the edgy and greatly styled 2011 Mercedes-Benz CLS will take over the present coupe/sedan. Based on the spy shots from InsideLine, it was caught without camo as it was prepped for a photo shoot. The new CLS is currently moving towards and edgier complication, where the basic proportions of the 2011 CLS is still similar to the original, but with a whole lot of styling put into it. The flank features some curving creases that sinks fron the belt line and goes up from the rockers. The CLS also got some inspiration from the new E-Class for its haunch in the rear… Continue Reading »


2011 Mercedes-Benz SLK to get a new look plus new engines

The 2011 Mercedes-Benz SLK is set for a transformation. Apart from earlier reports of its getting a generous helping of carbon fiber panels to lighten its already lean curb weight, the up and coming SLK will also be getting a fresh makeover to distinguish it from the old. The next SLK will have a thoroughly redesigned front end that’ll flaunt an entirely new grille that’s quite similar to the SLS AMG. Also getting a revamp are the headlights, hood and front bumper. Coupled with even longer and sleeker side mirrors, these new designs will improve the new SLK’s aerodynamics and make it a lot more visually astounding. Power, of course,… Continue Reading »


Spy Shots of the 2013 Mercedes-Benz SL Class

The all new 2013 Mercedes-Benz SL Class is underway and as of now they are testing it on the oval racetrack. This prototype 2013 SL-Class was recently spied lapping the Nurburgring and hanging out with the current-generation SL. Although the vehicles appearance is a lot different. They look like a camouflage  vehicle or Batman’s bat mobile. This new Mercedes Benz has a different look compared to the older models. The new SL is expected to draw styling cues from the the model line’s range-topping SLS AMG, including the nearly 90-degree grille and vertically-opposed headlights. Comparisons with the current SL – built on a platform now some nine years old –… Continue Reading »


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