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US Gets smart ForTwo Iceshine Special Edition

Hot on the heels of the Sharpred Special Edition that’s hitting the US right this summer, smart USA will be offering the 2013 smart ForTwo Iceshine model in the fall. There will be a grand total of 1,800 Iceshine units produced, and 300 of them—that’s just one-sixth of the total—will be sent to the United States. Production starts in September, and this edition is set to get two colors: an all-white unit and an azure blue variant. The US units will only sport the all-white color trim, however. The interior has black seats decked in leather and have white backrests and white stitching. In addition, the car gets power steering,… Continue Reading »


McLaren Received a Ticket from an Officer in a smartfortwo

What happens if you race the McLaren, one of the fastest cars in the world, with another Daimler car, the smart? Well, no doubt, McLaren will win. In a very ironic situation however, the smartfortwo seems to have won. But this is not a race. A police officer in the smallest and cheapest car in Daimler’s umbrella was seen writing a ticket for a parked Mercedes SLR McLaren Roadster in Beverly Hills. What happened when the owner of the stickered car saw the ticket is unknown. Well, there is nothing he can do right? It’s just funny, at least once, the smartfortwo wins.


Video: SLR McLaren is a sitting duck

This is embarassing. Imagine scooting around town in your badass Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren only to end up being handed a parking violation ticket by an officer driving a Smart car. In case you’re wondering, a new SLR McLaren held a price tag of just over half a million dollars during its time. It seems the wealthy owner, self-titled “Prince of Germany”, was simply begging to get caught by displaying his ride in the wrong place at the wrong time. The officers just happened to be driving along Beverly Hills, California in their Smart Fortwo when, lo and behold, there sitting in a no-parking zone was the 617hp supercar dressed up… Continue Reading »


29 cents a minute lets you buzz around Berlin in a Smart car

Can’t get enough of Smart cars? Then the place to be is Berlin. The place is crawling with these cars, which according to Daimler aim to take over a big slice of the city’s growing urban auto per-minute rental pie. Just last month, Daimler decided to deploy the largest fleet of its Car2go short-term rental service program, turning a blind eye to BMW’s own DriveNow two-to-one service. It’s all part of a grand scheme to lure in not only drivers in Berlin but in urban regions across Europe in the midst of fading interest in car ownership. Car2go chief Robert Henrich shares that “it’s natural that competition shows up. It shows… Continue Reading »


Inspect the Area Before Parking Your smart Car

Most people who buy smart cars are those who like covenience. With a car this size, you can park it easily. However, you should not be careless in parking your car, lest you want your smart to experience what this fortwo had gone through. The smart fortwo Brabus edition was parked over a motorized bollard, and because of its weight and size, it was lifted without any problems. Well, the owner of the vehicle is the one who seems to have a problem.


smart fortwo ED with Two Extra Wheels by Rinspeed

smart is undoubtedly a nice car. Despite of its size, it is powerful enough to travel long miles and safe enough, just in case you get into a wreck. But because it’s small, some people does not think of it as a useful car, for some it is just a vehicle you can brag about. The Swiss company, Rinspeed, changes all that. In line with their outlandish concept vehicles, they have unveiled Dock+Go. This design is for the smart fortwo ED, where a “backpack” is added, which calls for additional pair of wheels. With it, the car can be a utility vehicle, which you can use to deliver pizzas or… Continue Reading »


smart fortwo’s New Special Edition Revealed

smart released some official photos of the new edition of the small car. Named “sharpred”, it was painted black with red mirrors and red tridion safety cell. The 15-inch alloy 3-double spoke wheel, as well as the grille is also in shining black. Inside, the black leather seats are double stitched in red. The car is also equipped with heated seats, electric windows, air conditioning, five speaker sound system and panoramic roof. It will be powered by petrol at 52Kw/71hp or diesel at 62 Kw/84hp. You can start ordering now for a coupe or convertible version, and expect to get it by spring. The sharpred’s price is €14,490 and only… Continue Reading »


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