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[Video] Michael Scheer and Nico Rosberg Take New SLK for a Spin

It’s really nice if you can just whip out your pocket camera or mobile phone camera and shoot a nice little video that can be used to market a new product. That’s exactly what Mercedes-Benz development engineer and SLK lead engineer Michael Scheer did in Monaco on the last day of testing for the new SLK model. Together with Mercedes GP Formula One race driver Nico Rosberg, Scheer took the new SLK out for a joyride through the European city-state’s winding roads and sharp streets, navigating the bends and corners and braving the traffic signals to see just how sporty and agile the car is. Throughout the video, Rosberg samples… Continue Reading »


[Video] 2012 Mercedes-Benz SLK promo video leaked

Mercedes-Benz is know for releasing their very own spy-shots to stir up some publicity, but this is certainly something that didn’t happen intentionally – a leaked promo clip of the all-new SLK. A French promotional clip was somehow leaked on the interweb, giving us all a 10 minute long preview of all the cool and innovative features that will be available with the 2012 SLK. As you’ll see in the clip, the panoramic sunroof can make you choose between a transparent or darkened roof at the touch of the button that takes a few seconds. In the transparent mode it also blocks UV and infrared light that allows interior components… Continue Reading »


Piecha’s Final Performance RS Edition for Mercedes SLK Introduced

There are so many aftermarket designers that create specilized bodykits and modification that a normal person can’t even keep up. We have written about a couple them already and here’s another – Piecha Design. They use the R171 Final Performance RS edition name that is focused on the exterior, interior and engine of the Mercedes-Benz SLK. The “final edition series” kit is suitable for those that have not been face-lifted and the face-lifted models and the AMG. The package includes front apron with LED daytime running lights, front lid aluminum aerowings, special wind deflector, side-skirts with air intakes, rear bumper cum diffuser and a rear spoiler lip – all for… Continue Reading »


The all-new Mercedes-Benz SLK and its safety system

Early next year, Mercedes-Benz will launch the all-new 2012 SLK-Class. The agile sports car will feature a bold, new design, exceptionally high levels of comfort, as well as plenty of open-air driving pleasure. At the same time, it will also set new safety standards for convertible sports cars. Just like with the SLS, MB has been posting their own spy-shots of the SLK and has revealed very specific details of the next-gen SLK glass roof. If you haven’t noticed, they are definitely playing the blogosphere, feeding us tidbits of the 3rd gen SLK before they reveal it next year.  It’s no surprise that they have released more info (below and in the pix)… Continue Reading »


‘Leaked’ photos of 2012 SLK being tested in Death Valley

Looks like Mercedes-Benz has done our job for us by leaking these images of the up and coming SLK being tested in Death Valley. Perhaps this is in lieu of the SLK’s expected public unveiling at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show. Maybe not. Who cares? All that matters is you and us get first dibs on these photos, whether spied or otherwise. As you can see, a big highlight of these photos is the 2012 SLK’s Magic Sky Control roof. This panel changes hue at the touch of a button, giving you instant clear view of the night sky, or perfect shade when it’s hot out. The amount of tint… Continue Reading »


The next-generation SLK bares its top

What was it about the current SLK that enticed buyers to shell out money for it? Small size? Maybe. Strong engine? Definitely. These characteristics very well say that big things come in small packages. And without doubt, the SLK is one of the most fun and and alluring compact roadsters around. And it doesn’t end there. The picture above shows you the top view of the 2012 Mercedes SLK. Yes, we’ve noticed that instead of a conventional metal roof, a glass panel sits. That’s what Mercedes-Benz calls the Magic Sky Control. Why such a name? Well, because it’s magic! It’s actually an electrochromic panel that can be set to take… Continue Reading »


SLV out, lighter, more efficient SLM in

You already heard of the rumors that Mercedes-Benz is planning on building a smaller version of the SLS. That supposed spin-off would have been called the SLV, sharing the front-engine layout of the Gullwing. But the company decided to forgo that project for something a lot more, shall we say, promising. Mercedes-Benz is still going to work on an SLS derivative, but this time round they’re going to call it the SLM. The M stands for mid-engine. Oh, so NOW you’re listening. Who would have thought Mercedes-Benz would decide to veer away from the SLS platform and boldly go where so many others have (not?) gone before. Well, at least… Continue Reading »


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