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New Mercedes-Benz Miniature Models Up for Grabs

Mercedes-Benz has recently released miniature models of their new SLK and updated C-Class vehicles so that people who are anticipating the release of the actual cars sometime later in 2011 can have something to sate their appetite. The models come in 1:87 scale for those model train layouts and then there are bigger 1:43 scale models for the collectors’ display cabinets. The models feature a fair amount of detail, as the miniatures have been designed to match the actual vehicles by specialist firm Herpa. Plus, there will be various paint finishes and interior fixtures in the entire model range, and each one is said to have an affordable price tag…. Continue Reading »


Sneak a Peek Inside the SLK Owner’s Manual

For many of us, owning a Mercedes-Benz SLK is just a pipe dream that can’t be realized unless we win the lottery. That, however, won’t stop us from getting as close to the vehicle as possible. One way to do that is to take a look at the interactive online owner’s manual for the car. This way, we at least get to share the experience of browsing through the car’s data and technology details with some of the fortunate people who actually own an SLK. Of course, the manual refers to vehicle specifications and data that is geared for the German market. As such, the specs are tuned to suit… Continue Reading »


Mercedes-Benz Super Bowl Commercial – Extended Cut

The Super Bowl is just around the corner. And during the game, Mercedes-Benz is going to unveil the first Super Bowl commercial in their history. The ad focuses on the 125 year Mercedes-Benz history by showcasing almost all its vehicles ever made. Diddy (or is it P Diddy) is also in the ad, mainly for comical reasons, even though, I am not really sure his part was that impressive. The commercial finishes by showing four of their newest and soon to be released models – C-Class Coupe, SLS Roadster, CLS, and the all new SLK. Enjoy and let us know what you think.


New SLK Provides Glorious Open-Top Motoring Experience

Here’s a sampling of some new videos from Mercedes of the 2012 SLK. The first video shows the SLK at a track, where the impeccable road manners of Mercedes-Benz cars have been refined through the generations. Despite being a luxury convertible, Mercedes has seen fit to imbue the SLK with nice engine sounds befitting an open-top driving machine. Banking through the curves, the poise of the SLK’s chassis is evident and exudes a feeling of control. At the same time, the open to the sky feeling that only a convertible can give makes you want to get an SLK in order to experience it. The current SLK is the 3rd… Continue Reading »


Mercedes-Benz Open Air Motoring Celebrates 55 Years

Roadsters first emerged from Mercedes-Benz’s workshops when in 1954, the 190 SL was introduced with the 300 SL gullwing at its New York world premiere. Production for this series was begun in 1955 after a five-month development period. By the end of the model’s production in 1963, almost 26,000 190 SLs had moved off the assembly line. The evolution continued with a compact roadster study that was presented in 1994 at the Turin Show, presenting what Mercedes believed a roadster should be for succeeding generations. A refinement of the concept study was showed at the Paris Motor Show later that year. Series production for the internally-designated R170 SLK, as it… Continue Reading »


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