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Mercedes-Benz releases official details about the Gullwing

You don’t see this everyday – high resolution promo pictures of a test mule in heavy camo. Mercedes-Benz has decided to shell some light and release official details of their upcoming replacement to the SLR – the SLC Gullwing. Nope scratch that, it will actually be called the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG. The SLS (Gullwing) will be smaller than the outgoing SLR, which in addition to the all-new aluminum space frame contributes to a weight of just 3,571 lbs, a full 300 lbs less than the SLR McLaren. The SLS wheelbase will be 105.5-inch; the front track will be 1.2 inches wider than the rear. The Gullwing will be powered by… Continue Reading »


Mercedes-Benz working on a SLK Gullwing?

Is Mercedes-Benz prepping a new low-end Gullwing? Well according to AutoExpress, Mercedes has plans to bring a new SLK Gullwing to the masses, which may look very similar to its bigger brother, the SLC Gullwing. Besides having some amazing gullwing doors, and draw inspiration from the legendary 300SL, it is also supposed to be hybrid. With some very muscular lines, it will be a big change compared to the current SLK (which women love to drive). The hood is much longer and due to the gullwing doors, the side sills will be much higher than on normal cars. The designers actually took that weakness and turned it into an opportunity…. Continue Reading »


Fresh spy shots of the 2011 Mercedes-Benz SLC

New spy shots have emerged of the much rumored Mercedes-Benz SLC supercar, which is said to replace the already legendary SLR. AutoWeek has published pictures of a test mule making rounds on a track, but heavily masked with plastic and tape. Rumor has it that the codenamed C197 will have a AMG V8 with 580 to 600hp and go from 0 to 62 mph in 3.8 seconds. Even with a V8, the supercar should be on par if not better than the outgoing SLR, due to its weight advantage, mostly because aluminum and carbon fiber will be used in the construction of the frame and body.


Interior spy-shots of upcoming SLC emerge

Ninja photographers were able to infiltrate the secret Mercedes-Benz testing grounds and take some pretty detailed pictures of the SLC interior. Well we’re not really sure that they actually infiltrated anything, since the pictures seem like magazine scans, but we’re going think that way anyways. These are definitely some of the first interior pictures we have seen of the SLC, which is supposed to replace the SLR in the coming years. Just like any Mercedes-Benz offspring, the SLC shares a few visible components with his brothers; mostly notable is the steering wheel, which can be found in the current SL 63 AMG. The pictures are so grainy, that the interior… Continue Reading »


Which Mercedes SLC Gullwing illustration do you like most?

Here we have 5 different artist illustration of the Mercedes-Benz SLC Gullwing. They guys have done a tremendous job. Take a look and vote in the poll to let us know which illustration you like most. 1. Mercedes-Benz SLC – Car Magazine illustration 2. Mercedes-Benz SLC – Motor Authority/Schulte Design illustration 3. Mercedes-Benz SLC – Hubert illustration 4. Mercedes-Benz SLC – Lehmann Photo-Syndication illustration 5. Mercedes-Benz SLC – Hussein illustration {democracy:3}


Mercedes Gullwing SLC Spy Shots and Car Detail Revealed

Car Magazine has revealed some interesting and super cool details on the Mercedes-Benz Gullwing SLC. As you can see on these spy shots, taken at a test track, the Gullwing SLC will as the name suggests have its wing doors, which is a tribute to the original 1950’s Gullwing. We might be able to see a prototype of the SLC as early as autumn of 2009, but it won’t be officially announced until 2010 at the Geneva auto show. One of the most interesting rumors about the car, is the fact that it won’t have a Mercedes star anywhere on the car, but will instead only wear a AMG badge… Continue Reading »


Mercedes-Benz SLC AMG caught testing at Nürburgring

The guys at InsideLine have gotten their hands on some very cool video of the so called SLC AMG being tested and prepped at Nürburgring. The SLC, not the official name, is rumored to be the replacement for the current SLR. While getting rid of the SLR name would be idiotic, the fact that AMG and HWA (racing wing of Mercedes) will be buidling this new monster might be an indication that everything will be overhauled. HWA will probably work on the body and suspension, and AMG will concentrate on what they do the best – the engine. It’s rumored that the SLC will boast an impressive 700 hp with… Continue Reading »


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