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SL65 AMG V12 Biturbo Official Video

In anticipation of its launch at the New York Auto Show next month, Mercedes has released a few official videos of the upcoming SL65 AMG Biturbo V12. Quite a mouthful to pronounce, but then, when you see the engine in this thing, you’re gonna be quite speechless. Twelve cylinders and twin turbochargers combine to pump out 630 horsepower, which should be adequate even for the more jaded automobile enthusiasts. Combined with a throaty growl emanating from those quad exhaust pipes, the engine’s pedigree won’t need further explanation. Adding to the anticipation of the driving experience is the fact that this is a Mercedes roadster. Owners will surely be looking for… Continue Reading »


SL65 Black Series And Nissan GT-R Mix It Up

In response to a video posted here showing a straight line race between an 850hp Nissan GT-R and an SL65 AMG Black Series, we present two unmodified examples of the two. With more than a 100-horsepower difference between the GT-R and the SL65 AMG Black Series, there are no prizes for guessing who won. Below is a video of two stock examples of these cars on another course but using the same basic format. As all enthusiasts know, the GT-R has become the benchmark for affordable performance cars and stock, it offers levels of performance that few cars can match. Although its price of admission is cheap, the Nissan’s maintenance… Continue Reading »


Matte Red SL65 AMG Black Series Spotted In Dubai

Looks like its the season for sporty red Mercedes vehicles, as this matte red Black Series SL65 has been spotted in Dubai looking like the hardcore sports car from AMG that it is. Originally produced in a glossy red, this SL65 AMG got its color change through the use of a vinyl wrap. The same treatment was also performed on the owner’s other grocery-getter, a Ferrari 599 GTO. Despite the matte finish, the car still manages to grab attention by the bucketful, with its black wheels, retactable rear spoiler and undoubtedly aggressively throaty sound. This is produced by the beautiful 670 horsepower biturbo V12 powerplant, which has sadly been abandoned… Continue Reading »


Inden Design Produces Its Vision Of A Black Series Convertible

Mercedes Benz’s Black Series cars have been the inspiration for numerous tuners since its introduction in 2008 and the Black Series SL65 AMG is no exception. With its carbon fiber roof, body enhancements, upgraded V12 and numerous other performance and styling mods, the Black Series SL65 AMG is a distinct example of how a luxury coupe can be made to perform like a light, high-performance sports car. One variant of the SL65 that wasn’t produced in Black Series form was the SL65 convertible, and here, German tuner Inden steps in to fill the gap. Starting with a wide body kit that fortifies the haunches of the SL65, the kit goes… Continue Reading »


The Domani Motors-Renntech SL65 AMG Black Series

Ready for a little bit of madness? Some time back, the guys down at Domani Motors were able to get their hands on an SL65 AMG Black Series, and put it in their showroom. However, they weren’t really intent on keeping the car in ‘stock’ form. They felt that the car was capable of even more awesomeness, and so that’s what they did. They perked up the car and made it even more other-worldly than it already is. They did this with the help of their pals down at Renntech, whose Performance Package 1 was just what the doctor ordered to make their dreams come true. For those of you… Continue Reading »


TC-Concept EXESOR kit for SL65 AMG Black Series

How many of you are fans of convertibles? Hands up. Your sheer numbers just goes to show that not everyone prefers a coupe, and that’s why Mercedes-Benz makes sure you’re never left out. That’s what the Cabriolet is for. It’s not just for the ladies, but for gentlemen as well—at least those who appreciate having the wind blow through their beard and chest hair. And just to make sure you don’t grow envious of Brabus owners, TC-Concepts has come up with their very own pimped out version of your favorite Cabrio. The Mercedes-Benz tuner now offers a modification kit for the SL65 AMG Black Series, giving the coupe-slash-cabrio bigger balls… Continue Reading »


Neighborly love: The Brabus Stealth SL65 AMG Black Series

You just can’t get enough of Brabus, can you? Well, it’s all good. Brabus can’t get enough of the Mercedes-Benz SL65 either. Apparently, they couldn’t quite get over their creation of the 800hp Vanish SL65 AMG Black Series that they upped the bravado even more. Dubbed as the Stealth, it’s even more sinister and packs more teeth than the Vanish, making us envy those private Dubai customers even more. Say, you have an SL65 AMG Black Series in its most basic form. It already has around 670hp, enough to make short work of almost anything that dares cross its path. Now, imagine adding a little bit more power to its… Continue Reading »


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