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Artist Takes Inspiration From SL Interior

Anybody who owns a Mercedes sedan can relate with the sense of luxury that ensconces you as soon as you settle yourself in the interior. For those who can’t get enough of Mercedes design, there is of course the Mercedes and Formitalia partnership which has been offering Mercedes-designed chairs, lounges and tables. Apparently though, this is not enough for some individuals, as Mercedes has collaborated with South African designer Katie Thompson in coming up with an SL-themed furniture collection. Having established herself as an artist who recycles different objects to be repurposed into furniture, Thompson set her sights on turning a Mercedes SL’s interior into office-worthy furnishings. For example, the… Continue Reading »


SL Body Structure Reaps Design Award

Mercedes-Benz’s new SL has picked up yet another award in recognition of its groundbreaking advances in the car’s design. Garnering 1st place at the 2012 EuroCarBody Awards, the SL was recognized for the intelligent design methods that were adopted in producing the all-aluminum structure. As has been pointed out by the carmaker, the new SL’s body is 110 kilos lighter compared to a similarly-sized body that would use traditional steel structures. In fact, the current SL’s structure is 140 kilos lighter than the SL it replaced. All this was recognized by the more than 500 industry representatives who cast their votes at the 14th Global Car Body Benchmarking Conference held… Continue Reading »


Frontbass and Signature Sound Debuts In SL

Music and cars have been inseparable companions, ever since the first radios were installed in cars.  Nowadays, we have thousand-watt systems that can literally shatter your eardrums if you’re foolish enough to do so. But whatever your preferences, the combination of the appropriate tunes, an agreeable companion and your favorite road can make for a truly memorable and emotional experience. Despite the proliferation of installation shops and the plethora of options available, most aftermarket systems are compromised by the platforms they are put in. To negate these compromises as much as possible, Mercedes has developed  its Frontbass sound system. Initially available only for the SL-class, the Frontbass system is the… Continue Reading »


Mercedes-Benz Looking to Apply Magic Sky Control to Rest of Car

Many were wowed by the ‘Magic Sky Control’ self-tinting sunroof feature of the ever-innovative SL-Class, and now Mercedes-Benz wants to apply this same technology to the other window panels in its vehicles so that drivers and passengers can shade over their windows any time they need or want to. The basic principle behind Magic Sky Control is electricity frosting over the sunroof when a switch is hit, electronically making the transparent glass turn opaque. Many sources have already said that some officials from the automaker have confirmed working on applying this to side windows. There are many interesting applications that could be derived from the main automatic tinting function. For… Continue Reading »


New SL Gets Miniature Treatment

Hot on the heels of the launch of the new Mercedes-Benz SL comes the release of the vehicle in miniature form, ready to be part of the much-coveted Mercedes-Benz Collection. Collectors and fans of the series can get detailed models in a variety of scales: 1:87, 1:43, and 1:18. If you’re after detail, it doesn’t get any better than these miniatures, which are made by Herpa (1:87 models) and Norev (1:43, 1:18 models). Each hand-assembled miniature has been reproduced using the same CAD data used for the life-size vehicles, so you can rest assured that the paintwork, proportions, details, curves, and even the interior will be very close to the… Continue Reading »


Upgrade Your 2013 R231 SL Roadster with New Accessories

After the German market got hold of the latest SL-Class, Mercedes-Benz announced that the new car owners can now update the Bremen-built vehicle with their original accessories. Because this car is 140kg lighter than its predecessor, it’s no biggie if you want to make it heavier with these cool accesories that includes a multi-spoke set of alloy wheels, great-looking body kit, 11 wheel options and 16 different charging cradles and docks that can hold various smartphone brands. Individual touch is what you car will have when you have these accessories. With many options to choose from, you can make sure that your car will look unique. Other than those accessories,… Continue Reading »


Video: Six Generations of Mercedes-Benz SL

Mercedes-Benz SL is one of the few cars that have a very rich history. So the company decided to release a video to show everyone the six generations of this wonderful vehicle. Watch the video and appreciate the SL as the narrator takes you to the six decades of the luxury car from 1950 to the present.


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