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Mercedes-Benz USA sales fall more than 35% in January

Mercedes-Benz today reported that its sales in the U.S. fell 35.5 % in January compared to same time last year. Even the popular smart fortwo was not able to help raise the falling numbers, even with tripling sales (from 641 last January to 1,776). Overall sales of Mercedes-Benz cars in the U.S. fell 42.9% to 10,433 from 18,275. The Mercedes R-Class wagon posted a 75.9% decline in sales, while sales of the top-selling C-Class sedan fell 34.8%. Overall (Mercedes-Benz and smart) U.S. sales fell to 12,209 from 18,916 last year.


Mercedes-Benz quality increasing, dealer profit decreasing

Mercedes-Benz dealerships have not only been hit hard by the slow car sales in recent months, they are also losing money in the service department. It seems that the increased Mercedes quality is finally paying off for consumers – not so much for dealers. Compared to 5 or 6 years ago, dealers were making record profit for servicing Mercedes vehicles, which cost Daimler millions in warranty cost. Ever since, Mercedes has pledged to increase quality and to bring consumers back the trust in the Mercedes brand. It’s great to see that people have less quality issues these days, and just one way to see this is the decrease in customers… Continue Reading »


Mercedes-Benz increased sales by 45% in China in 2008

While sales numbers in the US and across Europe have taken a dive for Mercedes-Benz in 2008, that same is not true for the MB China division. Mercedes-Benz achieved a proud market performance in 2008 with a record sales growth of 45% compared to the previous year, while the rest of the luxury car market averaged a sales increase of only 17%. Klaus Maier, president and CEO of Mercedes-Benz of China, is the one responsible for such great sales figures, ever since he took the position in November 2006. As a result he was awarded CEO of The Year 2007, and was named Outstanding Corporate Leader 2008 by leading media… Continue Reading »


MBUSA December sales fall by more than 32%

Today is said to be the most stressful day of the year, especially for the folks working for MBUSA. Daimler AG said today that its December U.S. vehicle sales declined nearly 24% as demand plummeted for Mercedes vehicles, but also other brands, amid the financial market meltdown. Sales in Mercedes-Benz Car Group fell 32.1% to 18,507 vehicles from 27,269. The biggest percentage drop in December sales came in R-Class models, down 59.8% (not surprised by this one at all). For the 2008 year, Daimler AG sales fell 1.5% to 249,750 units from 253,433. That also includes an 11.2% decrease in Mercedes-Benz car sales to 225,128 vehicles from 253,433. Sales of… Continue Reading »


Penny pinching consumers: Mercedes-Benz Cars sells 1,158,200 vehicles this year

Mercedes-Benz Cars sales this year is just another indication on how hard the middle class has been hit by job cuts and downsizing. The middle class is the bread and butter for MB, but the more consumers worry about their future, the less time/money they can spend on Mercedes cars. Mercedes Benz Cars has sold 1,158,200 passenger vehicles worldwide since the beginning of the year (January-November 2007: 1,169,900 units, minus 1%). Because of the increasingly difficult market development in Western Europe, the U.S. and Japan, a total of 84,500 Mercedes-Benz, AMG, smart and Maybach brand vehicles were delivered to customers in November (November 2007: 113,000 units, minus 25 %). Customers… Continue Reading »


Mercedes-Benz USA november sales fall 38 percent

Daimler AG today reported sales for the Mercedes-Benz Cars division (Mercedes-Benz and smart combined) of 15,991 units in the U.S. for November 2008. Mercedes-Benz USA reported November sales of 14,102 vehicles, bringing the company’s year-to-date volume to 206,396, an 8.6 percent decrease over the year-to-date record set last year. Sales highlights for Mercedes-Benz USA include a 16.9 percent increase in C-Class sales and a 5.5 percent increase M-Class SUV sales for the year-to-date.


World-wide sales of Mercedes-Benz Cars down 18% in October

In an increasingly difficult market environment in Western Europe, Japan and the U.S., worldwide deliveries of passenger vehicles from Mercedes-Benz Cars rose by two percent during the first ten months of the year, to 1,073,700 units (January-October 2007: 1,056,900). A total of 93,800 Mercedes-Benz, AMG, smart und Maybach brand vehicles were sold in October (October 2007: 114,600, minus 18 percent). The Mercedes-Benz brand sold 960,300 passenger vehicles worldwide since the beginning of the year (January-October 2007: 976,600, minus two percent). In October, 82,500 Mercedes-Benz passenger cars were delivered to customers (October 2007: 103,900, minus 21 percent).


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