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The best of Mercedes-Benz safety technology coming to Mulgrave

The company that recently won the ultimate Euro NCAP Advanced Reward for safety is now picking up the pace in its bid for safer driving. Now, in the midst of the Australian International Motor Show, Mercedes-Benz will be holding its first ever Roadshow Safety, a series of events at the company’s headquarters in Mulgrave, Victoria. Engineers will be showcasing the latest and greatest in Mercedes-Benz innovations both in the realms of passive and active safety. Journalists and safety professionals from all around the world are welcome to join the event. They’ll be able to sneak a peek at what the German premium car manufacturer is up to back in their… Continue Reading »


The new CLS one of the safest cars on the planet

We are all still head over heels towards the new CLS. Despite having been released a few weeks ago, it never fails to touch on your inner guts—the look, feel and sheer flagship dominance which makes the CLS an all-time favorite. And with good reason—the new CLS has incredible credentials to boast, including a new host of safety features making the CLS one of, if not the most, safest car(s) around. The number of safety features exceeds a dozen, and these include the Active Blind Spot Assist system and the Active Lane Keeping Assist system. Alright, in case you’re scratching your head on these terms, they’re basically new safety systems… Continue Reading »


PRE-SAFE technology caps two Euro NCAP awards for safety

Another award has been vested on German premium car manufacturer Mercedes-Benz. This time, it’s from the European New Car Assessment Programme, or Euro NCAP. The two awards were won with the company’s anticipatory occupant protection system, dubbed PRE-SAFE, and the PRE-SAFE Brake driver assistance systems. So now you’re wondering what these systems do. The PRE-SAFE technology is linked to the vehicle’s Brake Assist and Electronic Stability Program, or ESP, as well as to other driver assistance systems. The sensors on these systems then provide the PRE-SAFE with critical driving information within milliseconds, enabling it to respond at high speeds. For example, the system will be able to detect if the… Continue Reading »


Mercedes-Benz USA’s latest video campaign now on Facebook

Are you on Facebook? Then what are you waiting for? You should check out the latest post on Mercedes-Benz USA’s page—the What If game. What if everything around you changed at a moment’s notice? You’re suddenly in the wrong place at the wrong time. The only thing going for you at the moment is that you’re in the right car. That’s what Mercedes-Benz USA’s video campaign is all about. Stories of real life people in real life situations that went badly. When you’re in a car with your dearest loved ones, no matter how careful of a driver you are, there will always be other motorists travelling ahead, behind or… Continue Reading »


E-Class awarded IIHS’ Top Safety Pick award for strong roof

So which car won this year’s Top Safety Pick? Well, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, it’s the Cadillac CTS and the Infiniti M, which are both very impressive in each of their own’s rights. With the competition very tough, it helps if the vehicle has the makings of a strong shell. Something that can survive a rollover while not necessarily being built like a tank. At the least, its roof has to have enough strength to as much as four times its own weight. Well, that is what clinched the award for the Cadillac and the Infiniti. Since this is Benz Insider, we’re assuming you’re wondering what… Continue Reading »


New BlueTEC engine and cutting-edge safety systems for the S-Class

The S350 is a fine vehicle. And it’s made even better with its BlueTEC engine. This car has both safety and comfort sprawled all over it and the performance of a super car. Powered by a V8 that uses fuel like a mid-sized sedan, it’s one of the most efficient, yet sizable and agile, premium cars there is. Its EPA has been improved to 6.8 litres per 100 kilometers, bumping up effiency by 0.8 liters from the previous model. It also exhales less carbon dioxide emission by as much as 11 percent less than its predecessor, from 199 to 177 grams per kilometer. With efficiency well-established, the BlueTEC engine is… Continue Reading »


Tackling safety with Mercedes’ Attention Assist System

In a recent traffic safety conference in Berlin, Mercedes-Benz to the opportunity to showcase their research on road safety and in-car applications. Attending the conference to deliver the report was Dr. Jorg Breuer, who heads the Active Safety of Mercedes-Benz passenger car division. He explained that the company’s main thrust in research was the effect of driver stress levels on the likeliness or occurrence of accidents and how to improve the physiological well-being of the driver. Point in case is the company’s Mercedes Attention Assist system, which detects driver drowsiness though inputs, or lack of, on the steering wheel and warns the driver through sounds and warning lights on the… Continue Reading »


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