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Setting Safety Standards With The Mercedes-Benz S-Class

Ever since the introduction of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class, it has provided a long tradition of safety innovations particularly when it comes to the body design and its anti-lock braking system. The internal research department of the company played an important part in the safety history of the luxury vehicle. Developing new features and conducting tests, Mercedes-Benz engineers have produced trendsetting safety features for the S-Class of the company. The safety engineering designed for the saloons is also being implemented in the F-125. This will allow the company to look into a future luxury Saloon. Passive and active safety features have also contributed to the overall safety of the vehicles of… Continue Reading »


Gold Diesel Ring Award Goes To Mercedes Luminary

The German Association of Motor Journalists (VdM) has awarded to Mercedes Prof. Dr. Ing. Rodolfo Schöneburg the Gold Diesel Ring in recognition of his lifetime work in improving vehicle safety. Given to Prof. Schöneburg on April 26, the Gold VdM Diesel Ring has been awarded since 1955 to outstanding personalities who have rendered exemplary services to bettering road safety for all users. Satisfyingly, the Ring received by Prof. Schöneburg continues a tradition of sorts at Daimler, as former heads of development Fritz Nallinger and Hans Scherenberg had received this award in 1961 and 1975 respectively. Says Prof. Schöneburg, “I see it as my vocation to play my part in helping… Continue Reading »


Replacement S-Class To Once Again Pioneer Safety Technologies

Mercedes-Benz has always been a pioneer in introducing vehicle safety systems on passenger cars, with the marriage of active and passive systems occurring about 10 years ago with what Mercedes called the PRE-SAFE system. As everyone is aware, the march of technology has been very rapid, and the upcoming systems in the replacement S-Class will seem like the stuff of science fiction if a person from the 1960s were reading about it. With the S-Class’ premiere next year, Mercedes-Benz will be introducing technologies like DISTRONIC PLUS, BAS PLUS, Cross-Traffic Assist, PRE-SAFE PLUS, Night View Assist, ATTENTION ASSIST and PRE-SAFE PLUS. As Prof. Dr. Thomas Weber, the Daimler Board Member for… Continue Reading »


Active Comfort System to reinvigorate your driving senses

Mercedes-Benz keeps the love alive among its most loyal fans with its latest technological offering — the Active Comfort System. This system is designed to (get this) make drivers fall asleep. Yes, you read right. Before you raise your hand in argument, take note that it’s not meant to make drivers fall asleep while driving. Rather, Mercedes-Benz designed the system to help you catch powernaps wherever and whenever you pull over for lack of a good night’s rest. Yeah, sure. Whether it’s for lack of sleep the previous night, or just a really bad hangover, this system will help you catch a few z’s to help clear your head for… Continue Reading »


“Amy” Crash Video Demonstrates CLS Safety

Seeing is believing, so they say. And what better way to demonstrate the safety of Mercedes-Benz cars than to show a seemingly wrecked CLS that protected its occupants, including the family dog. Mercedes’ spot is called “Amy”, which is the name of the dog accompanying its owners when they crashed in their CLS last year. The voice over asks if Amy was lucky to walk away from the crash. And when you see the damage to the Mercedes, it’s certainly bad. But the voice says that luck had nothing to do with the survivors walking away. By implication, it’s the excellence of Mercedes’ engineering and safety features that allowed the… Continue Reading »


For Improve Safety, Mercedes’ Presents the Active Seat-Belt Buckle

Most of the times, we think that buckling up is only for those seated on the front seats. If you’re seating at the back, and you are used to buckling up, then that’s great. However, surely, you are encountering one problem, the belts are difficult to look for as they tend to be hidden in the gaps under the upholstery. That’s what Mercedes-Benz is trying to address when they made the active seat-belt buckle. This new system features a buckle that emerges from the upholstery once the rear doors are opened. This is made possible by an electric motor that activates and extends the seat belt buckle by 70cm. Another… Continue Reading »


New M-Class Obtains Top European Safety Rating

Although it’s hardly a surprise and actually expected from a manufacturer of Mercedes’ caliber, the recently introduced M-Class has gotten a 5-star safety rating from European New Car Assessment Program (NCAP). Specifically, the M-Class, received a 96% percent rating for adult occupant protection, with the large SUV receiving maximum ratings in the severe barrier test. For severe side pole impacts, protection of all body areas was rated as good, except in the chest area, where the given rating was adequate. Knee and femur protection ratings in a frontal impact were also rated as good. Where the M-Class did not receive  good safety ratings was in child protection, due to the… Continue Reading »


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