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Mercedes-Benz GLK Tuner Challenge at SEMA 2008

Mercedes-Benz has created an unconventional presentation idea under the heading “Tuner Challenge”. Ahead of the equally unconventional SEMA Show in the gaming hotspot of Las Vegas, the Stuttgart company announced a competition for tuning firms. The object of desire – the compact GLK-Class. The distinctively styled automotive character with an edge seems predestined to arouse a wide range of tuning fantasies. Four fundamentally different rebuilds make one thing abundantly clear – the GLK-Class is one of the most multi-faceted SUV models ever. With each respective tuner fantasy and the help of some exotic ingredients, the SUV has been turned into an exclusive specialist for the road, beach, city or rally… Continue Reading »


Brabus tunes the C63 AMG: Is it better than the RENNtech C63?

Could it really be just a coincidents that both RENNtech and Brabus come out with super tuned C63 AMG vehicle in just two days? Well it might be just that, as both comanies worked for months to beat the “stock” version that AMG developed. Nevertheless, The BRABUS B63 S performance kit adds a whopping 73 hp (72 bhp) / 53.7 kW to the rated power output of the 6.2-liter V8 engine, and propels the car to a new top speed of 315 km/h (197 mph). This is certainly exciting news, but nothing too spectacular it seems, since this comes after the fact that RENNtech has actually been able to increase… Continue Reading »


RENNtech tunes the Mercedes-Benz C63 to 548HP

The guys over at RENNtech are famous for giving Mercedes vehicles the power deserve, most notible tuning the SLR 722 series to actually get 722hp. This time, they have taken the already powerful C63 with it’s 451hp and put it on steriods. The RENNtech software produces 548 peak horsepower and 510 lb-ft of torque. As they say, they began with the ECU2 high-performance software. Much more than a (relatively) simple de-restriction, this flavor of RENNtech’s software optimizes every aspect of engine performance, building massive amounts of torque across the low-to-mid rpm range and boosting the C63’s top speed to 187 mph. RENNtech sharpens the C63’s handling reflexes with a fully… Continue Reading »


RENNtech tunes the Mercedes GLK for SEMA

In preparation for the SEMA show in Las Vegas, Mercedes may have contracted RENNtech for some “fine” tuning of their new GLK model. We are still not sure what exactly they will do to the GLK, but according to Modified Luxury & Exotics, it will be a Pikes Peak inspired GLK. This will be RENNtech’s first ever performance modified hybrid powertrain. While Mercedes has not officially confirmed their interest to be at the SEMA show, the fact that they have not only contracted RENNtech, but also Brabus, Blvd Customs and Legendary Motorcars to build a GLK for the show might be a hint at what is to come. We are… Continue Reading »


RENNTECH for CLK63 AMG Black Series

Mercedes-Benz made a big splash with the introduction of its CLK63 AMG Black Series coupe last year. The aggressive “F1 safety-car” look gave the 500 hp CLK Black a visual edge that the CLK55 AMG lacked, and the Black Series’ suspension and brakes were in a decidedly different league compared to other Mercedes. Impressive spec sheet notwithstanding, some customers will still believe that 500 hp is not enough, and for those select few who find the CLK a bit tame, there is always RENNTECH.


RENNtech’s new line of aftermarket performance products

RENNtech has developed a new line of aftermarket performance products aimed at getting more power out of the 63 series AMG Mercedes-Benz. RENNtech, generally regarded as the nation’s foremost authority on Mercedes-Benz performance tuning, took something of an “old school” approach towards building its new high-tech products. “The new AMG motor isn’t like the last generation of turbo or kompressor cars,” explains Hartmut Feyhl, president of RENNtech and former technical director of AMG North America. “This new engine is naturally aspirated, like a more traditional race motor, and the way to get more power out of an engine like the 63 is to improve the engine’s breathing.” To that end,… Continue Reading »


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