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RENNtech Brings CLK 63 Black Series Carbon Upgrades to Market

RENNtech, one of the premiere Mercedes-Benz tuners, had been providing some CLK 63 Black Series one-off carbon fiber aerodynamic add-ons to a select group of people such as Indy Racing driver Tony Kanaan. Now, the company is making these upgrades available to the general public, mainly due to interest and demand from consumers. The carbon fiber aero add-ons available include the following: a full-carbon fiber front splitter ($2,450) for that aggressive styling up front, increased brake cooling and improved handling via additional downforce; front air ducts ($1,250) that increase air flow to the brakes for better cooling and reduced pad wear and brake fade; a redesigned full-carbon air box ($2,795)… Continue Reading »


The Renntech C74 Performance Package unleashed

Germany’s not the only country with its pool of talented Mercedes-Benz tuners. One of the best MB tuners in America, Renntech, now offers their latest take on the C63 AMG. They call it the Renntech C74. The modification package includes upgrading the stock 6.2-liter V8 to churn out 605hp and 555lb-ft. This means the quarter mile run will take merely 11.4 seconds, while top speed is pegged at around 204mph. Lots of credits for the power improvement go out to Renntech’s carbon fiber airbox and high performance filter, a custom air inlet panel, 82mm throttle bodies, more aggressive camshafts, ported and polished cylinder heads, ECU with updated software, stainless steel… Continue Reading »


The Domani Motors-Renntech SL65 AMG Black Series

Ready for a little bit of madness? Some time back, the guys down at Domani Motors were able to get their hands on an SL65 AMG Black Series, and put it in their showroom. However, they weren’t really intent on keeping the car in ‘stock’ form. They felt that the car was capable of even more awesomeness, and so that’s what they did. They perked up the car and made it even more other-worldly than it already is. They did this with the help of their pals down at Renntech, whose Performance Package 1 was just what the doctor ordered to make their dreams come true. For those of you… Continue Reading »


Renntech’s SL65 AMG Black Series to boast 805 HP

Accomplished Mercedes Benz tuner Renntech has played around with the already overpowered SL65 AMG Black Series, and has come up with a hardtop coupe that shoots out 865 horsepower and 1,000 pound-feet at the crank. The Renntech SL65 Black Series dyno run had 5 more HP than the Brabus Vanish, which was clocked in at 800 HP. That’s also 135 more ponies and 263 more lb-ft than the stock SL 65 Black Series. This car means business even next to SLRs Roadsters. The SL65 Black Series has the kind of threshold of power-to-weight-to-possible grip. Everybody would surely like to experience this kind of power. It is simply a monster HP/torque… Continue Reading »


The RENNtech Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG w/ a Radar Jamming System

RENNtech hast turned the already factory tuned C63 AMG into a beast; with 580hp (130 more than the normal C63) and a top speed of 187 mph, you’re almost guaranteed a ticket on your first spin around the block. The RENNtech engineers have actually thought about that, and how annoying cops can be when you’re trying to go 75mph in a 35mph zone, which is why the have partnered up with Technicar. Together they designed and implemented a secret weapon that will warm you if any police radar guns or even laser guns are being pointed at you car. Not only does it warn you and show you the direction… Continue Reading »


Presenting the RENNtech limited edition G Concept

RENNTECH is celebrating its 20 years of tuning excellence with a series of extremely limited-production vehicles. Similar to what they have done to the limited edition SLR 777, they created a concept design of what the G-Class will look like. It will be powered by CDI Diesel engine and produce almost 400 lb-ft of torque. Just like with their GLK Rally concept and the SLR 777, Platune Design came up with the illustration and conceptual design. We’re looking forward to learning more about the G Concept and hopefully seeing some real pictures soon.


RENNtech says NO to ceasefire – introduces the 777

While Volker Mornhinweg, boss of AMG, surrendered declared the horsepower wars as being over, here comes another Mercedes tuning company that’s not giving up. Just yesterday we reported on how BRABUS is continuing the war with their new M-Class Widestar, now comes news from RENNtech that they are joining them. To show their intentions, they will be releasing numerous limited edition (20 to be exact) of super tuned Mercedes cars this year, to mark their 20th anniversary as a tuning master. One of their projects with be the RENNtech 777, or better known as the re-skined and reworked Mercedes SLR. The 777 concept is really an all-new car that makes… Continue Reading »


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