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Transformers 4 Features Daimler Trucks and Mercedes-AMG-Powered Pagani

Aside from Optimus Prime, it is worth noting that another character in Transformers: Age of Extinction will be taking the form of a Daimler truck. The identity of the 2014 Argosy cab-over truck by Freightliner is not yet confirmed but rumors say that it will be a Decepticon which will serve as the polar opposite of Optimus Prime. Hardcore fans of the franchise claim that it could be Ultra Magnus, Nemis Prime or Motor Master. Another key character that will appear in the Transformers 4 movie, rumored to be a Decepticon named Stinger, will take the form of a Pagani Huayra. ThePagani Huayra supercar carries a powerful 6.0-liter biturbo V12… Continue Reading »


Video: Pagani Huayra fly-bys at Adria International

There’s something unnerving about the Pagani Huayra. Despite its toned down exterior design, the rumble from its exhaust says that it’s more than just another Pagani supercar. This footage shows you Mr. Horacio Pagani himself taking a peek at the engine and giving a little detail on the suspension system. Check out the video guys, and make sure you’re wearing quality earphones to appreciate the sound of that AMG engine. The fly-bys on Italy’s Adria International Raceway may be a little tame to look at, but that’s probably because the test driver does not want to take any chances at wrecking the car. We’re sure if he had it his… Continue Reading »


Video: Pagani Huayra screaming around Adria International Raceway

It’s no mystery that Pagani not only belongs to its namesake which is based in Modena. It also exists under Mercedes-Benz’s AMG brand. AMG controls a big chunk of the development and manufacturing of Pagani engines while the guys in Modena are in charge of pretty much everything else. Now, in the case of the all-new Pagani Huayra, you might be trigger-happy into letting your opinions shoot out about its disappointing aesthetics. Although those who have seen the Huayra up close may beg to differ as to its visual appeal. Still, there simply is no question as to the quality of the engine that drives the Huayra. As with anything… Continue Reading »


[Video] Pagani Huayra in Breathtaking Action, Legend Explained, Front Air Brakes Revealed

There’s this new promotional video of the Pagani Huayra supercar, and it opens by explaining why the 700-horsepower wonder is named the way it is. Of course, given the sheer power of the car, few vehicles can lay claim to being the very embodiment of the wind. Watch the video to see the Huayra show off its curves as it traverses mountainside roads and seaside highways, in what is easily among the most breathtaking vehicle footage we’ve seen after some time. That’s thanks to a high level of attention to detail plus some nice cinematography put into the production of the video. The visuals are also accompanied by a nice… Continue Reading »


Pagani Huayra Set to Invade the US

Although the US has been ignored by many supercar manufacturers, the most recent supercar model is set to hit American shores this year. That’s because the Pagani Huayra will surely be coming to the US sometime before the end of 2011. That piece of information has been confirmed by Italian sports car and carbon fiber manufacturer Pagani earlier this week. With this, the Huayra will be the first-ever Pagani vehicle available for US consumption. “We are thrilled at the opportunity to represent the Pagani brand in the United States and we look forward to the successful launch of the Huayra,” said Horacio Pagani, who founded the company back in 1992…. Continue Reading »


Pagani Huayra Roadster Renderings Wind Up on Web

The supercar isn’t really out there yet, what with the official unveiling made very recently, and now people are already anticipating the different trims of the Pagani Huayra. This showed in a recent rendering made of the Huayra’s Roadster version, something that is practically guaranteed given that Pagani sold a good number of the roadster version of its previous supercar, the Zonda. Speculation pegs the specs of the roadster at something similar to the coupe version, powered by the same V12 twin-turbo engine from the Mercedes-Benz AMG division. That’s because of the same approach used for the Zonda, and production is expected to be in the low double digits each… Continue Reading »


Pagani Releases Official Huayra Images

Likely spurred partly by the leaked magazine images of its upcoming supercar, Pagani has now released official photos of the yet-to-be-released Huayra. The official images really put the vehicle in a new light—literally and figuratively. We now get to see it in its entirety, and from different angles at that. It practically possesses the same silhouette as its predecessor, but with sleeker and softer curves and a more pronounced rear. The monocoque frame is made from carbon-titanium, which gives it a seemingly matte finish. Other body panels are made from carbon fiber, and much emphasis has been made to use lightweight materials on the vehicle. The successor to the much-loved… Continue Reading »


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