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Mercedes 300 SL Owners Gather in a Historic Event in Munich

Last week, more than 80 Mercedes 300 SL units were showcased in Munich. The event was organized by the Mercedes-Benz dealership of the area to celebrate the 35th annual gathering of the members of the Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Club e.V. The affair was not only limited to European participants as other SL owners from the U.S., South Africa and other countries also attended it, according to a GT Spirit report. Mercedes 300 SL cars produced between the 50s to the 60s were highlighted there. The iconic vehicle is the most popular classic car of Mercedes-Benz. It was featured in several Hollywood movies from Clark Gable’s time up to the present…. Continue Reading »


DTM Driver Bruno Spengler to Leave Mercedes-Benz

One of the most well-known DTM drivers, Bruno Spengler, is leaving Mercedes-Benz as he already signed a contract with BMW. He will start with the Munich-based company in the 2012 DTM season. Spengler, a French-Canadian became a DTM driver in 2005 and since then ranked among the best drivers in the race. Certainly, if this report is true, it will somehow affect the both the companies’ performance in the race. There may also be fans of the driver who will start cheering for BMW instead of Mercedes-Benz, causing some atmosphere change one way or another, as undeniably, Spengler is a charismatic and great driver whom supporters will follow. But surely,… Continue Reading »


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