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Transformers 4 Optimus Prime is a Daimler Truck

Daimler Trucks is making a big splash on the big screen in 2014, as Transformers 4, which features robots who transform into different things from cars to jets, will see Autobot leader Optimus Prime having a new truck mode. Based on a revealed image, Optimus Prime will now be a truck model built by Western Star, which is a subsidiary of Daimler Trucks North America. The new truck form is said to be a ‘completely upgraded, custom-built’ unit, according to producer and director Michael Bay’s website. Optimus Prime’s truck forms in the franchise were based on the Peterbilt Model-379. Bay said that the film is not so much a reboot as… Continue Reading »


Mercedes Provides 70 Vehicles For Latest Die Hard Movie

Fans of a certain, um, demographic, will remember with fondness the Die Hard series of movies starring a supercop portrayed by Bruce Willis. Aging though he is , Bruce Willis still does blockbuster action movies, and this latest installment in the series is no exception. What will be noticeable is the preponderance of Mercedes vehicles our hero will be using throughout the movie, from the Mercedes C-Class to Zetros trucks. In between, we’ll see ML-Class SUVs and like Willis himself, ageless Unimogs and G-Wagens. It’s no secret that car manufacturers nowadays use blockbuster movies as a vehicle for advertising their products. In the latest Die Hard, Mercedes provided 70 assorted… Continue Reading »


[Video] “Venger” A three-part mini series featuring Mercedes-Benz vehicles

Above is the trailer for an upcoming film, “Venger,” co-presented by the G Brothers Mercedes-Benz dealership in Sydney and Petronas Lubricants International. It features a race car driver who seeks payback when his fiancee is murdered. Here’s the synopsis in full: Following the murder of his fiancé, racecar driver Anthony McCullough becomes hellbent on revenge. Set loose by a ruthless detective, McCullough begins to follow a trail of clues. As he gets closer to finding the men responsible, he is drawn into a web of secrecy and betrayal that threatens to destroy his entire family. The film is episode one in a planned three-part series, and it is going to… Continue Reading »


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