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Video of Camouflaged Mercedes CLS 63 AMG

One Mercedes CLS 63 AMG was spotted driving along Monaco last month. But what made the car special is its set up. Outside, the CLS was given an desert camouflage wrap. Under the hood of the car lies a true beauty though. Powering the car is the same V8 engine handcrafted by AMG. However, the unit has been tuned by PP-Performance to offer more power. Based on the description of the video in YouTube, the resulting output after the tuning process was a whopping 730 hp combined with 737 lb-ft of torque. There is no word about the zero to 60 mph acceleration of the car or any changes to its maximum… Continue Reading »


Check Out This Yellow Mansory Mercedes G63 AMG Gronos

Monaco is considered as one of the supercar capitals of the globe. If you happened to love tuned or muscle cars, all you have to do is book a travel there where you will find all those souped up vehicles to be just a common sight in its busy streets. Recently, one of the vehicles spotted in the area was a Mercedes G63 AMG bearing a Mansory logo. The said auto had a yellow finish and equipped with the Gronos body kit. One of the the features of the spotted Mansory Mercedes G63 AMG Gronos was a more subtle headlights design, which looked a bit similar to the Range Rover. Then, its… Continue Reading »


Hamilton Lets Go of Frustration, Compares Mercedes Team to McLaren

It’s no secret that there is an animosity between Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg lately, which escalated when the German took the escape route in the final lap of the qualifying race in Monaco. The incident triggered yellow flags, which slowed down the rest of the field and cost the Briton his pole position. The pole position then provided Rosberg the advantage that eventually led his victory at the Monaco Grand Prix. The win also enabled the son of Keke Rosberg to snatch back the first position in the overall ranking of the drivers in Formula One. However, based on interviews, it is only Hamilton who is having issues with… Continue Reading »


Monaco Practice Session Shows Mercedes On Pace

If the results of the practice sessions are anything to go by, the current setup of both Mercedes F1 cars for Monaco should put them in podium position come the race weekend. Consistent with the pronouncements of team boss Ross Brawn leading up to this race weekend, the Mercedes team has obviously managed to get the settings right for the unique street course that is Monaco. In the free practice sessions, Nico Rosberg was consistently fastest, with a best of 1:14.759. One may say that Rosberg, a Monaco resident, had the advantage of being in his home turf. But Lewis managed second fastest time in the afternoon session, so the… Continue Reading »


First practice round on Monte Carlo so far so good

Michael Schumacher and Nico Rosberg had just finished their first round of practice on Monte Carlo. The results are somewhat dismaying for Nico who finished 11th overall due to a lengthy repair on his MGP W01 car. Michael on the other hand was able to finish in 6th place after rounding 21 laps around the track. The skies started turning dark, threatening to put a wet end on the practice session, but fortunately did not become so bad as to force the team into using wet tires. Nico admits things are starting to look brighter as he now feels more comfortable in his car. The engineers have been working very… Continue Reading »


Experiencing Monte Carlo on foot

There’s an old racer’s adage that to win a race, you’ve got to first familiarize yourself with the track. And the best way to do that is to simply take a leisurely stroll on it to really get to know its ins and outs. So that’s what the Mercedes GP Petronas team drivers did. Not that Michael Schumacher or Nico Rosberg needed more time to get to know Monte Carlo. That’s what practice runs are for. But it’s just a totally different experience when you take time off the car and feel the track with your own feet. It’s like making love for the first time. And for both drivers,… Continue Reading »


Mercedes GP Petronas on Monaco

The Mercedes GP Petronas team is all set for Monaco. The sixth round is one of the greatest highlights of any Formula One season, pulling hundreds of crowds into the streets of Monte Carlo where Mercedes-Benz engines rule. Yes, out of the twelve cars that won on this circuit, seven of them were powered by Mercedes-Benz. And three of those twelve were the latest victors. The key players have their own opinions when it comes to Monaco. Most joyful is Nico Rosberg who was born and raised in the country. Despite an upsetting race in Barcelona, Nico hopes the warm atmosphere of his home and the cheer of his family,… Continue Reading »


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