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V8 B-Class Does A Naughty Burnout On The Track

As everyone on the Intenet now knows, Mercedes-Benz gave license to a team of bright young engineers to shoehorn a V8 into a B-Class. Everyone who saw the pictures asked about a video and Mercedes-Benz has now kindly obliged us with a clip of this unique B-Class doing a burnout and launching itself down a road strip. With 385 horsepower produced by an E-Class engine propelling the little B, this contraption created by trainees at Mercedes’ Rastatt facility kicks up a swarm of smoke. Pictures are not enough to describe how unique this B-Class is. Starting the engine produces not a quiet whisper of an engine but a throaty growl… Continue Reading »


Mercedes-Benz To Showcase Improved V6 and V8 Petrol Engines

According to the news, Mercedes-Benz will showcase a new line of a much powerful and efficient V6 and also V8 gas engines this autumn.  With regards to its V6 engine, the new changes would be a latest narrow-angle block, as with the V8, it is said to have reduced its capacity and added a new twin-turbo induction. The two new engines are designed with a third generation direct injection with piezo-electric injectors, revised combustion, multi-spark ignition and low-friction ancillaries.  These latest innovations are said to save fuel for its would- be owners by as high as 24 percent.  Its power has also been increased to 435 horepower (from 388 hp)… Continue Reading »


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