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Mercedes-Benz Bank’s Insurance Based on Usage – A First

Mercedes-Benz Bank is introducing a new insurance policy for the new Actros. For the first time a policy will depend on how the truck will be used. For example, if the Actros is being used for light loads and lowland areas, the insurance premiums that will be collected is 60% lower than a truck that is being used for heavy loads and in hilly areas. The information will be collected and calculated by a telematics system called FleetBoard. This insurance policy covers liability and insurance protection for all trucks equipped with FleetBoard. Anthony Bandmann, Mercedes-Benz Bank’s private and customers board says, “The Mercedes-Benz FleetBoard truck insurance is an innovation. We… Continue Reading »


Top 10 List Of Most Expensive Cars To Insure Has Five Mercedes

With the advent of the new year, insurance companies have correspondingly adjusted their tables and a new list of the most and least expensive cars to insure have now been made public. conducted a survey of 6 insurance carriers and came up with the list. Insurance premiums are based on: * Sticker price: The more a car costs, the more it costs to replace if it’s totaled or stolen. * Repair costs: The latest vehicles are more expensive to repair because of technology. * Theft and fraud patterns: Cars that get stolen a lot are generally more expensive to insure. * Model year, weight and vehicle type: Vehicles with… Continue Reading »


New Insurance Programs for Mercedes-Benz Owners

Through the Mercedes-Benz Financial subsidiary, the automaker presents to the public their “First Class Exterior” and “First Class Interior” paint and fabric insurance scheme. This amazing program by Mercedes-Benz is supported by Dupont Automotive, which agreed to be the official supplier for their paint and fabric program. It’s usually a problem when your kids accidentally spills or drops their sodas or chips on your luxurious leather seats. Also, have you ever been careless and chafe your bumper while driving on a parking lot and accidentally hitting an object? If these usually happens to you, and you are a proud owner of a Mercedes-Benz, then you are very lucky. According to… Continue Reading »


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