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Kicherer Gives the Mercedes SLS AMG a Mean Facelift

A mean-looking Mercedes SLS AMG was recently spotted along one of the streets of Mannheim in Germany. The vehicle was treated to a Kicherer-style tuning, which gave its front fascia a brutal appearance. Kicherer retained most of the car’s stock features, but it certainly gave the outgoing Mercedes SLS AMG a super aggressive aura. The most noticeable trait of the car is its nasty-looking front grille featuring around twelve vertical bars. While there have been mixed reactions on the way Kicherer customized the front grille, it surely made the vehicle unique and it provided the car a very refreshing look when compared to its standard version. The car was also fitted with the signature black 21-inch RS1… Continue Reading »


Kicherer Released their Version of the Mercedes CLS500

Kicherer, the German auto tuner chose the 2011 Mercedes CLS 500 as their latest project and turned it into the CLS Edition Black. It was so named because of its exterior, with RS-1 wheels and lacked-out grilles all in black. The front grille and mirror casings also lived up to its name. Under the hood, the car is beautiful with Kicherer’s own V8 engine and some sports exhaust. The performance of the vehicle is at 690Nm and 470PS, a huge update from the performance of the base car at 600Nm and 408PS. The tuning company also installed their very own braking system, a 6 and 4 piston caliper in front… Continue Reading »


Unwrapped: The SLS AMG 63 Supersport GT by Kicherer

German tuning firm Kicherer makes yet another stunner reveal, as it unwraps its current aftermarket project: the 621-bhp Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG 63 Supersport GT. If you remember, sometime around June of last year, Kicherer came out with another Supersport tuned model, the SLS Supersport Edition Black—a 620-bhp beauty powered by the SLS’ tweaked V8. The Supersport GT makes use of the standard engine on the SLS AMG 63, albeit with some modifications to reach its output of 621 bhp. Top speed is pegged at 198.8 mph, while it takes the Supersport GT a mere 3.5 seconds to go from rest to 62 mph. The car comes with the tuner’s aerodynamics… Continue Reading »


Kicherer Adds Aggression To GL420 Ruggedness

Based on the Mercedes-Benz GL420 CDI, Kicherer has announced their refinement of this rugged off-roader and called it the GL 42 Sport Black. Based on the X164 platform, the German tuner starts the upgrade by boosting the output of the 4.2 liter CDI diesel engine to 375 horsepower with a corresponding bump in torque of 664 foot-pounds. These are increases of 73 horsepower and almost 150 foot-pounds of torque from the stock ratings. A modification which Kicherer call its PowerConverter adjusts the drive-by-wire throttle’s response to improve acceleration. This acceleration boost is aided by a sports exhaust system with twin pipes on both sides at the rear. The Airmatic suspension… Continue Reading »


A Touch of Kicherer on the Mercedes SLS AMG [Gallery]

Your Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG can have the vehicle’s exterior, interior improved with Kicherer’s development on new aftermarket kits for it, and includes upgrade for its power plant to deliver 610 hp and 670 Nm (494 lb-ft) of torque. The ECU remap did the trick with the stainless steel sports final four-pipe covers. Compare this to the standard factory specs of 571 hp and 651 Nm (480 lb-ft). A set of RS-1 multi-part forged rims establishes firmer road hold with a lift kit provided by KW to lift the vehicle by 30 mm (1.18 inch) operated by a push button. The Kicherer lift allows for higher ground clearance saving the cars’… Continue Reading »


The KICHERER Mercedes-Benz SLS Supersport Edition Black

Waiting with bated breathe for an SLS AMG Black Series? Well, how’s about a Kicherer version? The Mercedes-Benz tuner decided to go ahead and make one anyways. They’re calling it the KICHERER Mercedes-Benz SLS Supersport Edition Black. Pretty long name, isn’t it? Well, it won’t be a waste of saliva –it’s got some pretty neat modifications that are sure to make you think twice about keeping your SLS AMG dead stock. First in the list of features is sports ‘spoiler skirt’ under the front bumper. We’re not entirely sure what the hell that is but it sure sounds nifty. And then there’s the awesome diffuser fins in the back to… Continue Reading »


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