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The first iPad app from smart – a kaleidoscope of ideas that move people

The first iPad app from smart can now be downloaded from the iTunes store. smart is presenting an interactive history of great visions and visionaries entitled “Ideas in motion”. And the name also says it all about the app itself: it is always in motion. iPad owners can add their own contributions and continue writing the story together with smart. In this way the eBook will keep growing and new updates will be added for users to read on their iPads. The world is driven forward by pioneers who think outside the box; opinion makers who don’t just talk but act, and idealists who defend their ideals against all resistance…. Continue Reading »


Mercedes-Benz Classic Museum Guide App Released for Apple Devices

With more and more people adopting Apple’s iPhone and iPad and even the (to a lesser degree) iPod Touch as the mobile devices of choice, it’s no secret that marketing and brand awareness can be increased by tapping into these gadgets. That’s why, in part because of the 125th anniversary celebration of the automobile in 2011, Mercedes-Benz Classic has just launched the Classic app. The new application will put a digital museum guide right at your fingertips (literally, you know, because of the touchscreen devices). Users gain access to all of the exhibits featured in the Legend as well as the Collection museum tours—including all of the 160 vehicles within… Continue Reading »


Mercedes-Benz Classic Cars app now available

Mercedes-Benz has been building world-class premium vehicles for over a century now. To educate people about the development of the automobile, the company has its own museum—the Stuttgart Mercedes-Benz Musuem—where 160 vehicles were built for the past 120 years of production. Thanks to mobile technology, you don’t have to leave the comfort of your own home to appreciate the company’s rich history. All you have to do is download one special app—the Mercedes-Benz Classis Center app—for both the iPhone and iPad The app offers a virtual walk into the Mercedes-Benz Museum, complete with photos and sound effects. And, the app will be updated with real time information pertaining to the… Continue Reading »


Paris 2010: Benz showing of its iPad docking station

Mobile entertainment is what the Apple iPad is all about. Thanks to an innovative docking station, Mercedes-Benz Accessories is now demonstrating how the tablet computer could be integrated into the rear of many Mercedes-Benz models. The prototype of the docking station is being presented at the Paris Motor Show in an S-Class, and the plan is to launch the integration solution for the iPad onto the market for a variety of Mercedes models after development for series production. Mounted on the back of the front seats at head restraint height, the holder significantly extends the usability of the iPad: the battery of the tablet PC begins to charge as soon… Continue Reading »


Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG iPhone App

Now you can bring your favorite Mercedes Benz into your own iPhone. The SLS AMG game is now ready for download on iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. This game has amazing sounds and it’s highly addictive. There are different dimensions and scenery you can go to. You can drive through a variety of different tunnels, on the tunnel roof, and up the walls. The best part of this game is the optimized driving noise. The screech of the tires while turning on a corner and the sound of the engine will make you feel that you’re driving the real thing. There is also adapting effects of obstacles. You can adjust… Continue Reading »


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