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Mercedes-Benz Museum Treats Fans on Its Anniversary Weekend

The Mercedes-Benz Museum just celebrated its 10th year last May 19th. As part of its yearlong commemoration of its inauguration, it announced special events dedicated for fans this coming June 4 and 5. According to the Global Media site of Daimler, the anniversary weekend of Mercedes Museum will be held near the gates of the Untertürkheim plant. The key parts of the event include children’s party, vehicle parade, Food Truck Festival and a variety show on the stage. On the said dates, attendees will be treated to a free entrance. 130 Years of History of Mercedes The Mercedes-Benz Museum features the colorful history of the brand it represents. It houses all the special vehicles… Continue Reading »


The Evolution of Mercedes-Benz Vehicles Presented in GIF Images

For a century, Mercedes-Benz has been the leader of innovation. Innovations that have created a huge demand for its products, and innovations that we have come to love over the years. From the day that Karl Benz patented the first internal combustion engine up to being the first to produce the first commercially available vehicle, the Benz marque has quite a history of coming up with something new all the time. Up to the present, the company bearing the three-pointed star logo is always leading when its comes to breakthroughs in style, safety, comfort, car technology, and plenty of other factors associated with vehicles. That’s the reason why it is no… Continue Reading »


How well do you know the Mercedes-Benz brand?

If you look closely at the Mercedes-Benz brand’s history, you’ll notice that their naming system is actually a mixture of their new and old systems. However, lately it has become quite confusing to say the least. What used to be something as simple as “sportiest and lightest” as referring to the SL now just isn’t quite as easy to decode. According to our pals at Automobile Magazine, there won’t be any immediate changes made to the C, E, S, SL, SLK and SLS models. There will, however, be changes to the brand’s naming convention and it will be beased on bodystyles and platforms. And quite appropriate, we’d like to say…. Continue Reading »


Commemorative stamp and coin for 125 years

It has been 125 years since the very first automobile was built. To mark such a momentous occasion in its history of manufacturing premium cars, Mercedes-Benz has teamed up with the Federal Finance Ministry in order to create two very special artifacts, namely a specially-designed postage stamp and coin. Illustrated on the stamp is the very first car ever invented along with its patent dating back to the January 29, 1886. Beginning on June 9 this year, the commemorative coin will be issued in denomination of 10 euro and will be made available in banks. You’ll be amazed at the level of detail that’s been put into creating the coin,… Continue Reading »


125 years of automotive innovation

Mercedes-Benz has just released an announcement of a unique range of merchandising products to celebrate the company’s 125th founding anniversary. To mark the momentous occasion, exactly one and a quarter of a century after the invention of the very first automobile, the company has created finely crafted replicas of its top-class model ranges. The models, drawn and built to scale, are exactly 1:43 of their actual, petrol breathing counterparts. They’re accompanied by a collection of premium accessories which reflect the grand legacy of the legendary inventor of the automobile. Included in the lineup is a replica of the 1886 Benz Patent Motor Car – the first ever four-wheeled motorized car… Continue Reading »


436.9 kilometers per hour on the Autobahn, circa 1938

Records are made to be broken, and out of conflict comes unity. Thus is the case between rivals Mercedes-Benz and Auto Union with the creation of the 1934 W25 Grand Prix race car. Perhaps the following transcript will explain it best: — Alfred Neubauer: ” It is October. A wet, cold wind blowing over the highway at Gyón, south of Budapest. We fear this wet, this wind. We still want to win world records.” At the wheel of the record car sits Rudolf Caracciola. “Rudy travels. And – he drives for the first time in his life over 300 kilometers per hour. Faster, more than ever a man is driven… Continue Reading »


125 years of Mercedes-Benz on 12 calendar pages

How do will you celebrate your 125th birthday? Let’s see… how about giving your loved ones a very special calendar? That’s nice, isn’t it? That’s exactly what Mercedes-Benz is doing for its 125th anniversary. The company has just spread word of the release of a very special calendar through their Mercedes-Benz Musuem Shop as well as online. Photographer Stuttgart Hans-Peter helped in bringing the calendar into fruition. The said calendar will be featuring special images from the Mercedes-Benz Museum and will be sold for EUR29.90 starting October 15th. Dubbed as the Mercedes-Benz Classic Calendar, it’ll be showcasing the company’s creations throughout its 125 years of existence. The images will be… Continue Reading »


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