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Brabus Mercedes G65 800 Displayed At Al Ain Class Motors Showroom

Al Ain Class Motors is well-known for putting a number of uniquely-designed luxury vehicles on display in its showroom in Dubai. These distinctive luxury vehicles have won the admiration of many luxury vehicle enthusiasts, and the exotic car dealer does not appear to slow down as it continues to display more of these vehicles in its showroom. After displaying a superb-looking Mercedes-AMG GT S with the Brilliant Blue Metallic finish, the exotic vehicle dealer recently put a Brabus Mercedes G65 800 on display, according to a report from The Mercedes-Benz G65 AMG is already a notable vehicle in itself since a limited number was produced by the luxury vehicle… Continue Reading »


2013 Widestar Another Version Of Shock And Awe

It’s not really a surprise that Brabus chose the Qatar Motor Show to introduce their latest over-the-top creation.  In that region of the world, a high performance SUV is just the ticket to overpower those endless dunes and wide open highways in luxurious comfort. Called the Brabus 800 Widestar, it’s a monster G65 with a motor puffing out 800 horsepower. Two years ago, Brabus had already released a Widestar, but this was based on a G55. With the Brabus-fettled G65, the luxury tuner has moved the bar of the luxury SUV up to a level that few, if any, can equal. Mercedes cognoscenti know that the G65 already has a… Continue Reading »


AMG G65 Seen Malling In Dubai

Prolific YouTube contributor Patrick3331 recently uploaded this video of a Mercedes-AMG G65 caught in Dubai. Although we’re all followers of all things Mercedes, this beast is sufficiently rare that it’s always a treat to see these things, even if it’s just a video. For the price of a supercar, AMG give you a luxury G-Class whose claim to fame is a 610 horsepower twin turbo V12. By adding new technologies and luxury fittings, Mercedes has managed to keep the favorite G-Class current. This particular vehicle has a nice combination of an ivory exterior with chrome fittings, complete with projection headlamps and modern DRLs (which early G models definitely didn’t have)…. Continue Reading »


Mighty V12 G-Class Closer To Showrooms

  Grime-laden and ghetto-looking with its duct-taped bumper, this prototype G-Class was caught on candid camera in a recent test session. But this isn’t just any old G-Class you’re looking at, because it’s a test mule for the upcoming G65 AMG that’s being shown at the Geneva Motor Show in March. For now, the only noticeable aesthetic changes are the bumper openings, which will have intakes for two additional heat exchangers. They will definitely be needed because under the hood will be Mercedes’ 6-liter V12, which will be producing 612 horsepower after a massage by AMG. If the G65 follows some of the cues of the G55, also expect side… Continue Reading »


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