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G-Class Propels Top German Offroader to Victory

With the cooperation of Mercedes-Benz and Continental Tires, German magazine ‘auto motor und sport’ recently held the Offroad Challenge 2010. Last May, auto motor und sport signed up more than 500 drivers to participate in the Offroad Challenge 2010. The magazine’s selection process reduced the list of hopeful candidates to 60.  The preliminary round was composed of groups of 20, who then competed on three difficult off-road courses in Brandenburg, Rheinland-Pfalz and Bavaria during the months of July and September. The best three from each round were then given the opportunity to travel to the U.S. for the final round, held at the Continental test site in Uvalde, Texas, which pushed… Continue Reading »


G-Wagon making an Australian comeback

It’s been a long while since we last saw the much-adored G-Class Wagon. Now, it returns as part of Mercedes-Benz Australia’s latest lineup, after having won a contract with the Australian Army back in 2007. The contract is an order for 1,200 units of 4×4 and 6×6 Gelandewagens for delivery to the Army, with the first vehicles rolling into duty last year. Since then, there have been news surfacing from Mercedes-Benz Australia that the G-Wagon may find itself not only in military hands but under civilians as well. Back in the 1980’s, Mercedes-Benz was still struggling to sell the G-Glass wagon in Australia. Now, it seems, lady luck has shined… Continue Reading »


Two recalls issued by Mercedes-Benz covering 2002-2010 G-Class models

Are you driving a Mercedes-Benz G-Class of model year 2002 to 2010? Then you should bring it in to your nearest Mercedes-Benz dealer. The company has just issued a recall for these models’ non-compliance with federal rules, specifically involving headlights and turn signal lights. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 2 recalls have been issued. The first one covers around 3,552 G-Class units whose models date back to 2002 all the way to 2010, and whose front grille is placed in front of the turn signals. The NHTSA warrants that drivers may not be able to see the turn signal lights because the grille blocks the view. Your… Continue Reading »


BRABUS equips G-Class with fully adjustable suspension system

Undoubtedly, the Mercedes-Benz G-Class has a long list of followers all around the globe. The main reason being that it is one of the last SUV’s remaining that actually use an independent chassis. It has that old-school, boxy look to it and yet has the performance to bust many of today’s modern sport cars. Sounds far fetched? Wait till you get to drive it. Of course, there’s always room for improvement. And that’s what Brabus proves with their latest G-Class suspension line. Their new product is a completely adjustable suspension system that promises to increase the level of safety and comfort of just about any G-Class. That’s what their customers… Continue Reading »


G-Class to Receive Minor Facelift ahead of Paris Motor Show

The Mercedes-Benz G-Class is an iconic vehicle. Technically speaking, the car is old enough to tell bedtime stories to modern cars. Launched over 31 years ago, the G-class has aged gracefully and slowly earned its reputation of being the best off-roader, the ‘old-school’ style. Though rarely, but the car has been updated by Mercedes-Benz to keep pace with the ever-changing automotive industry. Once again we are at a threshold of witnessing another design and technical update to the historical vehicle. According to trusted sources from inside the G-Klasse’s manufacturing facility at Graz, Austria, the vehicle is all set to receive a minor facelift. This facelift is its third in the… Continue Reading »


Mercedes-Benz G-Class Set to Storm UK Once Again

After a gap of ten years, Mercedes-Benz will again launch the iconic G-class in its biggest right hand drive market. The Mercedes Benz G-Class is set to storm the UK roads this autumn with options of a diesel and a petrol supercharged engine. The G-Class is a do anything, go anywhere vehicle which recently celebrated its 30th birthday in 2009. However, don’t let age fool you into thinking that it is incapable. The old warhorse is a robust classic design and has now been twinned with the most up-to-date Mercedes-Benz technology offering peerless off-road features. British customers will be offered two variants, namely: the G 350 CDI producing 221 hp while… Continue Reading »


Mercedes-benz G350 BlueTEC with state-of-the-art emission-control technology

The latest version of the classic Mercedes-Benz G-Class off-roader, now in its 31st year, features state-of-the-art BlueTEC technology. BlueTEC is a Mercedes-Benz-developed technology designed to reduce diesel vehicle emissions, especially nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions. The BlueTEC version of the G-Class uses AdBlue, an aqueous urea solution which is injected into the exhaust-gas stream. This process releases ammonia, which converts up to 80 percent of the nitrogen oxides into harmless nitrogen and water by a process of reduction in the downstream SCR catalytic converter. Since the G-Class is often used in remote areas of the world – one of its main purposes – the engineers have simplified matters by integrating the… Continue Reading »


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