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Awesome Back-To-Back Performances Delivered By Mercedes Over The Weekend

24 hours after Lewis Hamilton delivers a great performance with his car, Nico Rosberg follows with his own impressive driving. The amazing show brought by the two young drivers gave team Mercedes-Benz an awesome back-to-back performance over the weekend in the Catalunya racetrack in Montmelo, Spain. As Hamilton scored 1 minute and 20.558 seconds during his rounds during Saturday, Rosberg was able to clock in 1 minute and 20.130 seconds on Sunday. This definitely lifted the spirits of the people in the team to a new level. However, Rosberg pointed out that the race in Melbourne on March and in Sepang where the Malaysian Grand Prix will be held are… Continue Reading »


F1: Hamilton Tops Day 3 in Laps and Best Time

Lewis Hamilton had good pace on his F1 Wo4 during his last day of preseason tests at the Circuit de Catalunya in Barcelona. He managed to top the best times of Day 3 with 1:20.558, and he also had a day-leading 117 laps for the Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 team. “It was great to have a dry track today for my final day of testing, and we were able to get through all the test items that we wanted to achieve by the end of my programme,” said Hamilton. He added that there’s still plenty of work ahead for the team, but so far, they’ve all been “doing a great… Continue Reading »


Hill Says Hamilton Won’t Be In The Title Scene This Year

According to Metro, the former champ Damon Hill thinks that Lewis Hamilton might not make it for the title this year. Although he is confident with the skills of the young driver, the organisation of the team and the equipments they are using might come into question. Even Hamilton admitted in previous interviews that the car lacks the necessary downforce that will provide it leverage during the races. The 1996 champion added that Mercedes team still has to work their way out through McLaren, Red Bull, Ferrari and even Lotus. However, Hill says that the implementation of the new regulations in 2014 might serve to the team’s advantage. Despite the… Continue Reading »


Mercedes Not Fast Enough To Win Races According To Hamilton

Analysts, fans and even Formula 1 drivers expect Lewis Hamilton to be topping the races this coming season. In an interview conducted by The Sun, Red Bull’s Sebastian Vettel stated that there will be two or three drivers competing for the title for this season. One of the drivers he mentioned was Hamilton. On the other hand, Ferrari’s Fernando Alonzo shared the same view in his interview with Sky Sports. He eyes the young Briton as the strongest driver in F1. Despite the high hopes of everyone with the Mercedes team, Hamilton disclosed that the car that he is driving is not fast enough to win races yet according to… Continue Reading »


Mika Hakkinen: Mercedes Will Not Likely Come On Top

According to BBC, two-time Formula 1 Champion Mika Hakkinen stated that Mercedes-Benz will unlikely come on top this season. He said that the speed of their car is not enough to catapult them to the peak of the rankings. The 1998 and 1999 champ added that McLaren seems to be in its great form this year so they will definitely get the top position. David Coulthard does not share his former teammate’s view though. He thinks that the Mercedes-Benz has a great engine plus a lot of talented people. So, if the team will get to perfect their car’s aero package, Lewis Hamilton will have a great chance of winning… Continue Reading »


F1: Lauda Says Mercedes Can Compete with Top 3 Teams

Niki Lauda, triple F1 world champion and current non-executive chairman for Mercedes, said that the Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 team is very competitive and should be able to challenge the top 3 teams in the sport. This is based on the team’s performance in the recently concluded winter preseason testing in Jerez, Spain, where Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton took the F1 W04 for several race distances. “My big joy is that the Mercedes can now compete with the top three teams,” said Lauda in an interview with Bild. He added that he thought reigning champion Sebastian Vettel was still the fastest driver out there on the track, and that… Continue Reading »


Sir Jackie: Don’t Get Carried Away Lewis

Sir John Young “Jackie” Stewart warned Lewis Hamilton not to get carried away with his status. “You just have to be damn careful you don’t get carried away with your own importance, your own celebrity, or your own schedule outside of being in the cockpit. It can be quite intoxicating,” the three-time world champion warned the young former champion. In short, he is simply saying that Hamilton should not get things way over his head. He urged the 28-year old to maintain his good driving and not to delve too much on mechanical issues. The legend also said that he should avoid getting distracted by factors outside the circuit. The… Continue Reading »


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