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Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Given The Jetstream Body Kit From FAB Design

The Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG has been the subject of a number of enhancements by different tuning specialists, and it appears that FAB Design is doing the same thing with the help of Office-K, basing a recent report from The tuning company from German is known for creating distinctive body kit packages for supercars since 1997. FAB Design has enhanced a number of luxury vehicles, including Range Rovers and SL55s. However, the Jetstream body kit package created by the tuning company for the SLS AMG caught the attention of many industry watchers. The SLS AMG was dropped off by a customer of Office-K since it wanted to install the Jetstream… Continue Reading »


SOLS Gullstream by Fab Design

It’s no question that the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG is one of the most beautiful supercars ever made, and its performance is no short of being superb. Still, there are a lot of critics from people who have been fortunate enough to drive it, saying that the SLS AMG has a lot more potential being restricted both electronically and mechanically. Enter Fab Design to tap into the SLS AMG’s hidden power. They call their version of the SLS AMG the SOLS Gullstream. Kind of catchy, isn’t it? Well, its name is just a taste of things to come. What’s more important is what Fab Design did with the SLS AMG’s stock… Continue Reading »


Wider FAB Design SLS AMG Spotted

FAB Design released a package for the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG last October, adding more oomph to the already-awesome car and letting it go all out for 611 hp along with a custom body kit. Worldcarfans has just posted a new set of pics that shows a wider treatment of the FAB Design SLS AMG. The white custom SLS AMG is with Dubai’s Al-nain Class Motors and adds a bit more muscle to the design. The side skirts and quarter panels have been merged, and the front fascia as well as the fenders have been made to look more aggressive. While there were no details given out about the specs or… Continue Reading »


SLS AMG body and performance kit by FAB Design

Tuners just can’t keep their hands off the SLS AMG. The latest company to come up with their reworked version of the Gullwing supercar is none other than Swiss tuning corp FAB Design. We’re not so sure yet what the specs are on their SLS, but we can assure you that the power rating would at least be 40 more horses than the stock V8. So that means a minimum power of 611 horses, enough to give you a 3.7-second dash from zero to sixty, just 0.1 seconds faster than in stock form. So what else is new with FAB Design’s SLS? Well, of course, as with any real tuning… Continue Reading »


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