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Mercedes-Benz CLA Gets Environmental Certificate

The Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class took the medium-sedan segment by storm, and it’s thanks in part to the vehicle’s efficiency. With its newly acquired environmental certificate (ISO TR 14062), the CLA further affirms its commitment to providing unrivaled efficiency along with the brand’s standards for performance and comfort. With a Cd value pegged at 0.22, the CLA gets the best aerodynamic drag value among series production vehicles. The ISO certification takes into account the complete vehicle life cycle, from production in the plant to year after year on the road to disposal or recycling by the time the car reaches the end of the road. This life cycle documentation is also analyzed… Continue Reading »


Hertz brings Connect EV program to New York, London

A lot of people are buying into mobile phone products and services which do not involve contracts, are avoiding marriage and are sharing cars instead of buying brand new models in order to save money. It all boils down to people not wanting to involve themselves in commitments, whether it be relationships, gadgets or even cars. Thus, for such people there are services tailor-made for their wishy-washy ways. One such service is now being offered by Hertz. Dubbed as Connect, the company now offers rentals of electric cars by the hour. Why is it hourly, do you ask? Well, because you count electric car performance not by distance, but more… Continue Reading »


Daimler reports plans for the next ten years

“360 Degrees – Facts on Sustainability” was the report presented by Daimler as it took full advantage of the company’s yearly general meeting in Berlin, Germany. The report is broken down into five specific parts, all of which make up the car manufacturer’s guideline measures for business to last up until 2020. The report was given in adequate detail, divided into five sections, namely sustainability management, industrial environmental protection, employees, and the social environment. It offers a sneak peek on how the company as a whole is planning to address the current issues troubling the automotive industry.  The company made it a point to discuss the steps it is taking… Continue Reading »


The Smart Fortwo CARTONDRUCK comes to life

Want to make a lasting impression? Grab attention. Seriously. Even if it means investing in your ideas, no matter how outrageous they may seem, to keep your artistic energies flowing. That is exactly the case with famous designers, one of which is the renowned Sarah Illenberger. She has been in the business of creating visual ideas and concepts for big time editorial and advertising productions. Her latest project, named the CARTONDRUCK, is a fancy Smart Fortwo that’s been dressed up to look like a car made out of recycled carton. That is exactly the kind of impression you’ll get at first glance since Illenberger used bits and thousands of cardboard… Continue Reading »


Mercedes-Benz F1 technical director Norbert Haug pushes for smaller engines

Engine size does matter, especially in Formula One. This has been a hot issue ever since talks have been initiated discussing Formula One engine regulations from 2013 onwards. Norbert Haug, Mercedes F1 technical director, has a different take on the matter. Haug says that instead of having a top-down plan, meaning an upper limit on engine displacement, why not go from bottom up, suggesting smaller engines for the big gun manufacturers. Haug believes that by reducing engine displacement, independent manufacturers will benefit, especially those without the financial capabilities of Ferrari and Mercedes. Besides, Haug believes it’s all in the name of global environmental trends. Smaller engines would naturally use less… Continue Reading »


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