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Mercedes Spending Billions To Fast-Track Alternative Powertrain Development

Despite its luxury stature, it cannot be said that Mercedes-Benz is a ponderous company, and it is light on its feet when distinguishing trends that will be good for the company and its customers. A case in point is the company’s decision to bring to market 8 new diesel variants in the next few years. There is also the reported fast-track development of several hybrids for Mercedes’ primary markets. A news item in an industry publication reports that Mercedes-Benz is looking to introduce C-, E- and S-Class hybrid variants in the coming three years. Apart from recognizing the market potential of hybrids and alternative fuel vehicles, the move aims to… Continue Reading »


SMART Sites To Provide Charging Stations For Electric Vehicles

If it were possible to time travel an automobile user from the 50s or 60s to the upcoming terminal to be built in Tennessee, he would be bewildered by the fact that there were no gas pumps to fill up his car. Add to that the terminal’s futuristic design and he would probably think that modern conveyances were the stuff of science fiction. In Knoxville, such a terminal is being built with the moniker of SMART, for Smart Modal Area Recharge Terminal. This site and its technology were created by the Electric Power Research Institute and the Tennessee Valley Authority. The proponents of the project hope that it will surpass… Continue Reading »


Merc Leads Way in Researching Vehicle-to-Grid Communications Technology

Mercedes-Benz is currently spearheading research that will make vehicle-to-grid communication possible, so that the technology can be made standard on future electric vehicles. This will help reduce the burden that EVs place on the power grid, and owners will have lower electricity bills also since they’ll be charging during the cheapest periods. Here’s basically how the system works: When not in use, the EV is plugged into the grid. The user then informs the grid when the vehicle will be used next; this can be done via applications on smartphones and the iPad, for example. Since the grid now knows when the vehicle will be next used, it can determine… Continue Reading »


Mercedes-Benz To Come Out With AMG Hybrids In The Near Future

Audi has their E-tron concept cars and BMW their ActiveHybrid. Porsche introduced the Cayenne Hybrid last year and the 918 RSR this year. There can be no doubt now that the green revolution has reached the domain of sports and luxury cars. Once the domain of cars like the Toyota Prius, vehicles with electric propulsion and alternative fuel technologies are now mass-market commodities that are gaining wide acceptance. Even Porsche tuner Ruf has joined the bandwagon with their eRuf 911. With Mercedes-Benz showing the neon-colored SLS AMG E-Cell at the North American International Automobile Show, the company has shown that it is seriously looking at this new technology and its… Continue Reading »


Mercedes-Benz Sets Sights on EV to Rival BMW Mega City

Mercedes-Benz is working on a new alternative-drive city car in its Yokohama, Japan studio. This new car, which is likely the automaker’s counterattack to the BMW Mega City, is currently billed under the working name of Mega City Mobility. It is said that the company’s Advanced Design Studios head Holger Hutzenlaub is in charge of the project. Japan was specifically chosen as the base of operations for the project because of the country’s space constraints, as well as how the country adapts to maintain a high standard of living despite their large, sprawling metropolises. “We been looking outside the automotive industry, including the trend towards mini city houses, to generate… Continue Reading »


First B-class F-cell Delivered in California

In California, actor and tennis player Vance Van Patten received one of the first B-Class F-Cell cars being promoted by Mercedes-Benz. A beaming Vance received the keys to one of only 70 vehicles up for lease, making it a very exclusive platform. The official handover happened at the newly renovated dealership of Fletcher Jones Mercedes-Benz in Newport Beach. Quoted Van Patten, Executive Director of the Producers Guild of America, “As a long-time environmental advocate and supporter of sustainable production and eco-friendly transport, I’m thrilled to be driving a vehicle that I believe represents the future of environmentally thoughtful transportation — not only does it have zero emissions, but it also… Continue Reading »


Hertz Adds Electric Fortwo To Its Fleet

One of the world’s biggest rental companies, Hertz, is moving forward with its plans on being the vehicle rental company with the largest EV (electric vehicle) fleet by adding several electric smart fortwos. This is the second announcement made by Hertz regarding electric vehicles. Together with the A- and B-class fuel cell models, the smart electric will play a critical role in Daimler’s future strategy. The electric smart fortwo in its current form had been presented by Daimler at the 2010 Paris Auto Show. Equipment includes electric power steering, power windows, heated and electrically adjustable mirrors and aircon with automatic temperature control. Powered by a 30 kW magneto-electric motor installed… Continue Reading »


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