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Unimog And Econic Trucks Slated For Production In September

The latest iteration of the iconic Unimog truck will soon be available for sale, as it has been announced that production will begin in September. Together with the release  of the venerable Unimog is the Econic, another workhorse truck. Mercedes has announced that these trucks will be equipped with Euro VI compliant diesels. In the case of the Unimog, four and six cylinder engines will be offered, ranging from 155 to 355 horsepower. Other features will include daytime running lights, improved visibility with repositioned windshield wipers and a front camera.  Climate controls have also been given a makeover, so that the cabin occupants can operate as the Unimog does in… Continue Reading »


Mercedes Econic NGT Favored Over Other Diesel Trucks

In Austria, Mercedes-Benz Econic NGT trucks are being tapped to replace from 20 to 30 diesel trucks used by the Magna Steyr company. Magna Steyr, despite the worldwide economic downturn, still needed to operate at two shifts, but with improved economic activity, the company needs to go back to a three-shift schedule. The decision to use Econic NGT trucks stems from the results of the “Environmentally Friendly Commercial Vehicle” research project. Although multiple facets of the research results were factored into the decision, a major factor in favor of Mercedes’ Econic NGT trucks was its ability to run on biogas with few, if any, technical or mechanical modifications. Produced from… Continue Reading »


Singapore gets a load of natural gas powered Econic trucks

When it comes to caring for the environment, Mercedes-Benz never lets itself be left behind. And thus it recently began testing of its latest Econic trucks with natural gas technology in Singapore. The country’s biggest waste management company, Sembcorp, has signed up to conduct the testing with the goal of determining the realistic benefits of the Econic. It’s being graded based on its cost effectiveness and ability to satisfy customers. Mercedes-Benz delivered to Sembcorp Econic trucks with two engine choices—an inline six cylinder diesel engine and one which is powered entirely by natural gas. The NGT engine, with product code M 906 LAG, has a 6.9 liter displacement and is… Continue Reading »


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